Have you ever wondered how immigrants come to America penniless, unable to speak English, and with no safety net…yet they become millionaires anyway?

If you feel like you’re working hard, but you’re not seeing the results you want in your business…this is for you.

Maybe success isn’t just about following “expert systems.”

Dr. Ken Odiwe invested over a decade researching, interviewing, and sharing the stories of high profile immigrant millionaires currently living and working in the United States.

He uncovered a set of 11 powerful traits modeled by all the wealthy people he shares in his new book…


This isn’t about a new internet marketing method or technique.

It’s about people who succeeded against all odds.

Or maybe they turned “being an outsider” into an advantage.

Perhaps the same traits and beliefs that led these New Americans to leave their homelands for new life in the United States were what made them capable of being millionaires.

In fact, that’s exactly what Dr. Ken’s uncovered in his research.

What if you tapped into these hidden success traits and beliefs?

How would following the footsteps of these New American Millionaires influence you and your success?


When you claim a copy of The New American Millionaires Tuesday, May 14th, Dr. Ken is including more than a dozen additional bonus gifts from his partners.

This isn’t about marketing and selling skills.

It’s not about organization, management, or leadership.

It’s not about new tools or technology.

It’s about eliminating roadblocks to success and 11 motivational traits you can use to grow your wealth.


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