overthehill2Today is my 40th birthday.

It’s making me feel a little nostalgic.

It’s now been over 17 years since I came online and built a new “Internet Lifestyle.”

How could a college dropout, pizza delivery driver like me have accomplished so much?

It’s been a blessing and an adventure.

Here are 5 quick lessons I’ve learned throughout the years. Consider this “grandpa” passing along a little wisdom.

1. Track everything.

A lot of times you’re told to constantly split test, but the REALITY is most people don’t do that.

And you don’t need to “test” everything.

You do have to “track” everything.

Every ad you run must be tracked. It could be as simple as an ad tracking URL from your shopping cart. This is my most common method.

I’ve seen all kinds of methods used for tracking throughout the years, but the bottom line is winners track their results…and cut the dead wood.

This applies to your time as also. How are you currently investing your time that’s producing the best results? What has been a waste of time and energy?

2. The 80/20 rule is almost universal.

You’ll find 20% of your customers produce 80% of your profits.

Plus 20% of your customers create 80% of your problems.

Hopefully that’s not the same group!

It’s often 20% of your advertising producing 80% of the sales and 20% of your time creating 80% of your results.

That’s why “tracking” came first in my list. You won’t know what’s working if you’re not tracking.

You could use one of those fancy time tracking software do-hickeys if you want, but I’ve always just written my notes down on an old fashioned desk calendar.

Get off my lawn, young’uns!

Invest more time in what works. Cut the rest.

3. Quit worrying so much about finding your “passion.”

This one drives me crazy (shakes stick in anger)!

There’s always knucklehead telling you if you’d just find your passion, you’d gladly work from dawn to dusk.

You’d be so excited you’d come in early and stay late.

Screw it.

I’ve never found anything that made me feel that way about work.

I LOVE what I do, but if I did it for 50+ hours per week I’d quickly grow to hate it.

That “belief” drove me crazy for years. It kept me dissatisfied that I must not have “found my passion” yet. Putting this sacred cow to death was the last missing piece for me enjoying the journey.

I’ve seen clients fall into the same trap. They’re successful, happy with what they do, but they start jumping from business-to-business because they believed they were missing passion.

Over the years I’ve become convinced this “dawn to dusk passion” idea only applies long-term to a limited group.

Everyone can create an overall life they love.

Never allow anyone to restrict you to their limited mold or way of thinking.

4. Dare to be different.

You’re unique. Act like it.

Find the biggest lie in your industry and attack it.

Quit parroting what everyone else is saying. Be that voice that stands out from the crowd.

The 80/20 rule applies here also. Whatever you see 80% of the people doing is wrong.

There is always a much smaller group taking the right path at the time.

We should have been able to predict the housing crash in the US simply because TV was full of “flip this house” type shows. Buying and flipping houses became cool right before the collapse.

Don’t let me or anyone else tell you what you “have to do.”

Try new approaches even if they’ve never been seen before.

Follow rule #1 and track your results.

5. Invest in yourself first.

You’re the best investment.

This applies to your mind, body, and spirit.

Take care of your body and treat it right.

Train your mind. I may not be college edumacated, but I’m constantly learning both in business and in dozens of other subjects. Just a glance at my bookshelf shows books on marketing, kayaking, fitness, nutrition, dogs, finance, investing, Christianity, hiking, repair, etc.

I have a thirst to know more. It never ends.

How much are you investing in yourself every month?

One good investment, if you haven’t made it already, is to join the Monthly Mentor Club.

That’s where I reveal my best kept secrets, experiences, and what is working for my clients and I right now.

And it costs under $1 a day.

Surely, you’re worth more than that…


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