This message is absolutely vital to your online success.

Your long-term profits as an entrepreneur can be decided here today.

It may not be easy to accept this message. It’s NOT the new thing. It’s the foundation.

Your #1 enemy right now online is distraction.

You’re surrounded by voices that seem to scream at the top of their lungs for you to follow them.

There are THOUSANDS of “experts” promising to show you the golden path to Internet treasures.

Your mind conspires against you also.

It’s constantly tempting you to check your email again, spend more time reading blogs, or look for the secret hiding behind the next click of your mouse.

Years back when traveling for a conference in Las Vegas, my flight was delayed for several hours.

There were slot machines right there at each terminal. Music playing. Beeping. Blinking lights.

After a couple of hours there I thought I was going to go crazy.

I was worn out, but was surrounded by noise.

The Internet is a lot like that today.

There are slot machines all around you…beeping, blinking, and making a ruckus.

Everywhere you turn there is another BSO (Bright Shiny Object).

You have to find a way to tune out all the noise.

It will drive you crazy.


Make a decision about the audience you will serve.

1. Start out with one good, reliable method of generating traffic from this audience.

2. Get those prospects to raise their hands and join your list.

3. Create or find irresistible offers that will bring more improvement to their lives than the competition.

It really is that simple.

Notice I didn’t say it was easy. You may work your butt off to optimize the source of traffic you’re using.

You’ll practice writing to your audience.

You may have to test multiple different offers until you find the one which works for you.

But you’re focused and on the right path.

Put patience, commitment, and massive action behind your choice.

Ignore the alternatives until you’ve put this plan in place.

Once you have one form of traffic consistently profitable, then expand out to others.

All the BSOs are more enticing than this simple model.

Quiet whispers all around you will try to distract you.

That’s why you have to focus.

Stay on track with the business model you’ve chosen.

Generate traffic. Get prospects to raise their hands. Make sales. Repeat.

That’s what I’ve been doing for 17 years now online.

The traffic generation methods have changed.

They’ve literally exploded from a couple of traffic sources to hundreds now available.

It’s a little more difficult to demonstrate your product as unique from the competition.

But the system has stayed the same.

Get traffic. Produce Leads. Make Offers.

You can even flip the system around a little by offering your product first.

Get traffic. Make offer. Produce buyer leads. Make more offers.

It doesn’t change much.

Your responsibilities stay the same.

What traffic source have you chosen to start with?

How are converting visitors into leads?

What offers have you tested?

And most important…why are you making it more complicated than it needs to be?

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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