It’s all about traffic, list, and offer…just like I talked about in my last email.

My clients are in all types of business including local business owners, ecommerce stores, service based businesses (such as SEO and PPC in niche industries), etc.

But a little more than half now are in some type of information business.

This includes ebooks, courses, coaching, consulting, and more.

In these businesses, it’s EASY to get the offer totally wrong.

Your customers aren’t searching the internet to buy another ebook…or another 20 DVD course.

A 20 DVD course is a negative against your product, not a benefit.

We used to talk about the THUD factor in an information product.

That was putting together a large information product with a lot of pieces which people perceived as high value.

It’s not like that anymore.

Your customers are overwhelmed with information.

They want the quickest and easiest path to their goal.

Instead of a encyclopedia sized product, they’re looking for clear direction.

If you’re a “coach,” very few clients are out there actively searching the internet for coaching.

There are a few that understand coaching may be the quickest path to their goal, but the majority are simply for the quickest and easiest path to their goal.

If your coaching fulfills that desire, then that’s why they’ll join.

Stop thinking of yourself as being in an “information business.”

You’re in the problem solving business.

Most people aren’t looking for the tell-all guide on romance.

They’re looking or a product that shows them how to simply text the romance back into their relationship.

And they don’t want you to “teach” them how to do it. They want you to give them the exact texts to send.

Most people don’t want you to teach them how to do all the background research to invest.

They would prefer you hand them a guide that tells exactly which companies to invest in.

Or even better…they’d like you to give them a software program that does all the investing for them.

You will notice in both the examples I used the word “most.”

Yes, there are people who really want to learn, but there is always a much larger group who wants it done for them.

I count myself in that group. I’ve had to learn a LOT of things to be successful online including copywriting, product development, research, coaching, and more.

But I would have preferred someone just hand me the button that makes money come out.

It just hasn’t been invented yet.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

That’s all well and good, but the majority of your audience just wants you to hand them the stupid fish!

If you find a way to give them the fish…you’ll multiply your income overnight.

That could mean giving them the exact templates to use.

It could mean having a software program created.

Maybe it simply means handing over the exact checklists you’re using.

Whatever it is, making your product more “done-for-you” will expand your audience of buyers.

If you’re serious about building a low budget, high profit problem solving business (formerly called info business), then check this out…

This does require learning. No way around that to grow a profitable online business you own and control.

But look the bonus. It’s not a huge package of additional items.

It’s a set of checklists to lay out the step-by-step system for you.

That’s the kind of addition you can make to any type of product, and it is worth more than the package price alone.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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