Internet marketing doesn’t have to be complicated.

We’re the ones who make it difficult on ourselves by focusing on all the minor points along with whatever the new flavor of the month is online.

This week I was asked this question during an interview…

What are three foundations that have proven to help you build a successful business online?”

My answer for this was pretty easy, because it’s the same 3 foundations that apply to everyone else.

You need high quality traffic…and to understand the audience you’re attracting.

You must build a list of buyers, subscribers, and followers.

And you have to make irresistible offers.

Everything else we do comes back these 3 simple foundations.

Keep it simple.

Find a way to build on these each week in business.

1. Quality Traffic

Notice this is quality traffic, not just traffic.

You want consistent sources of buying traffic coming to your website.

Everything begins and ends with the audience you’re attracting.

Almost everyone starting out asks the wrong question. They say, “I have this product, how do I sell it?”

That’s backwards.

Instead ask where can I get in front of a HUNGRY crowd?

And what do THEY already want to buy?

One of my favorite books is “Breakthrough Advertising” by Eugene Schwartz.

He says in his first chapter, “Copy cannot create desire for a product. It can only take the hopes, dreams, fears  and desires that already exist in the hearts of millions of people, and focus those already existing desires onto a particular product.”

Tap into that steady source of leads. It could be PPC, PPV, SEO, Solo ads, Youtube, banners, guest blogging, affiliates, etc.

Find out what the audience ALREADY wants to buy. You can do this through surveys, speaking directly to customers, studying Amazon reviews, monitoring social media, or checking best sellers in affiliate program like Clickbank or Commission Junction.

Once you know the desperate problem the audience wants to solve and how to develop a unique promise that fulfills their strongest desires, put your offer in front of them.

If your business isn’t working, you’re not presenting the right offer to the right audience at the right time.

It all comes down to that connection.

2. Grow Your Targeted Buyer’s List

You’re probably tired of hearing the money is in the list.

Maybe there isn’t any money in YOUR list.

Too many people don’t concentrate enough on the quality buying traffic part and simply a list packed with freebie seekers.

Having 10,000 freebie seekers on your list is NOT an asset. It’s a liability.

Most of my clients go for the email address first…and then immediately for the sale.

We’re providing useful but incomplete content with the goal of turnings subscribers into customers.

Purge the list of those who aren’t opening, clicking, and buying.

My ecommerce clients go for the sale first…and then we follow-up on their buyer’s list.

Either way, we’re building a list. The money is in your list of buyers.

What are you doing today to increase the number of high quality buyers on your list?

3. Irresistible Offers

If one offer isn’t working, test another.

While the copy you use on your website and in your videos is important, success or failure rides on your offer.

How can you give customers $1,000 worth of value for $100 or less?

How can you make your offers even more risk free?

You test your ebook at $37 and it doesn’t sell well.

You add a load of bonuses and it still doesn’t sell.

You wipe out all those bonuses and include just one done-for-you bonus such as a template or software program.

It starts selling immediately.

It’s still not enough for you since you’re greedy and want maximum value from everything.

Next you test a $1 trial with the $36 billed in 10 days.

You hit the gusher.

Quit Overcomplicating Everything

Yes, there are minor variations to all of the above.

But if your business isn’t succeeding like you want it to, you’re striking out in one of these areas.

Everything else must build on a solid foundation.

That’s the primary concept behind my Club:

Focus on the essentials. Use advanced strategies to grow in each of these areas.

Add more traffic.

Build your buyer’s list.

And make irresistible offers.

You can chase the flavour of the month if you just want to be cool.

Or you can choose this to succeed:

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