I’m a business coach for Internet Lifestyle Entrepreneurs.

You’d expect me to say everyone needs a coach, but here’s the truth.

Not everyone needs a coach.

When I first started online in 1996, I didn’t have one.

I bought whatever products about direct mail and copywriting that I could get my hands on.

This included items from Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, and Bill Myers along with others.

But I didn’t have anyone around to bounce ideas off of or answer my questions.

It was a few years into my business, where I was already successful online, before I hired my first coach.

John Carlton offered to personally review websites and sales copy to improve their conversion.

This only included copy reviews, not direct advice and cost something like $2,000 years ago.

He gave a new headline suggestion on one of the websites I sent him. All he did was change a few words.

As soon as I tested it, this increased sales on that website by $3,000+ per month.

Just that one change made him more than worth the price I paid.

What made me sick at my stomach was how simple of a change it was, and how that site had been up and profitable for
a year already.

That was $36,000 in additional profits I lost out on because it took me so long to hire him.

Since then I have hired various coaches and copywriters to help me see blind spots, new opportunities, and increase
my profits.

Every single one has had a positive return for me.

I’m gung-ho for coaches and what they do for their clients.

But coach is NOT required. And you shouldn’t hire a coach if any of these are true:

1. You only want a “yes” person to put a stamp of approval on your project.

If you want a cheerleader, get a dog.

He’ll love you and agree with you no matter what…even if you’re totally wrong.

You bring in a coach because you need someone to reveal your blind spots and what you’re missing.

2. You refuse to track your stats and results.

I’ve had this happen with clients before. If you don’t at least have Analytics installed, you can’t see where the
weaknesses of the system are.

You’re not giving your coach the tools they need to work with if the numbers aren’t tracked.

3. You’re not open to new ideas.

Small boosts can often be done with minor changes here and there – such as the change in a few words of the

The most dramatic changes come from testing a completely different offer or something totally outside your industry.
That means you have to be open to testing new ideas for maximum return.

4. You want someone to do the work for you.

Coaches don’t do the work for you. They guide you.

If you hire a sherpa to help you reach the top of the mountain, they’re your guide. You don’t expect them to carry

Make sure you have the time available to put the actions in place.

5. You simply can’t afford it.

This isn’t a situation where you should dig deep or spend the rent money.

It also shouldn’t be the last money to your name. Then you wouldn’t have money to outsource, buy ads, or even set-
up a website.

It’s an investment in your future and should come from money you’re ready to invest in your business.

An affordable option is a group coaching program such as my Monthly Mentor Club.


In addition to the monthly print newsletter, you also receive access to a monthly webinar where your questions about
internet marketing can be answered a members-only discussion board for advice from other members and I.

It’s only $29.95 per month.


If you’re looking for direct one-on-one coaching with me, new clients are only accepted a couple of times a year at
most. You can find out more about this and register for the waiting list here:


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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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