Here’s a regular complaint I heard from internet marketing beginners…

“I’ve been working my butt off trying everything for hours every day for the past 2+ years online, and I have
nothing to show for it.”

The number of hours they’ve worked and the time frame changes, but the story stays the same.

It’s possible you may even identify a little with that story.

Maybe you feel worn out from trying everything. And you should be.

Some people would pat you on the head and say, keep up the good work.

“Eventually it will work out.”

Too bad that’s a lie.

If you’ve been working your butt off for 2 years and nothing has happened, you’re not doing it right.

You’ve left something out of the mix.

Your SEO doesn’t profit you.

All that content marketing ends up being a waste of time.

And paid advertising is simply burns money faster.

Everything you do comes back to a simple fact.

You need a effective profit pipeline.

Here are a  few examples.

Profit Pipeline #1: Email List Into Low Cost Offer

You concentrate all your efforts on getting people to register for your email list.

You could give away a free ebook, video, cheat sheet, or even customized quiz results.

Once they register, you offer them a low cost product of your own or a related affiliate product

You then begin the email follow-up sequence selling a specific product offer with other products and services mixed
in over time.

Here it is all about increasing the sign-ups for your list, getting confirmations, making the initial sale…and
getting the follow-up sales.

Profit Pipeline #2: Low Cost Offer Out of the Gate

You go directly for the sale of your product or products. This could be because of an irresistible offer such as a
trial or some other benefit.

Then you follow-up on all customers by email and even direct mail to sell more.

The most successful will also create a type of VIP membership with benefits for larger orders, repeat orders, or
continuity orders.

Think Amazon and their Prime membership which gives free 2 day shipping, instant videos, and some free kindle books.

This is the common method we use for ecommerce style businesses which physical products.

Profit Pipeline #3: Webinar

People register for your free webinar and you follow-up by email to get them to show up for the webinar.

You provide a content rich presentation that leads into the sale of your product or service.

Buyers now become a part of your customer list for additional offers.

Non-buyers continue to get email follow-up to either sell them the package or other items from you and affiliate

What Do All of These Have in Common?

These are just a few simple models, but they all have one thing in common.

There is a well defined funnel for visitors to go through and make a purchase from you.

You follow-up and make additional sales…increasing the lifetime value of each customer.

Your online business lives or dies on how well you can lead people through your funnel.

Each step in the process is a turning point. If your funnel isn’t working, find it’s weak point and fix it.

In some cases, that might even mean going back to the drawing board because you missed what customers in the market
really wanted to buy.

Other times it’s simply a missing element somewhere along the chain.

That’s why the first bonus in my Club is all about exposing the conversion cracks in your current profit pipeline.

Where are you leaking conversion and losing your visitors? Answer that question and you’re halfway to your goal.

I always send new members directly to this Fast Start Profits free gift.

It helps you quickly uncover what buyers are thinking, make irresistible offers, and make yourself impossible to
ignore even in brutally competitive markets.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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