clockmoneyThe older I get, the faster time flies. It’s almost 2015. I was just getting used to writing 2014.

How did you do on your goals this year?

Were you able to ignore all the BSOs online (Bright Shiny Objects)?

Are you another step closer to turning your vision into a reality?

I get a behind-the-scenes look at dozens of successful small business owners every year. Clients launched hundreds of new products, ran dozens of successful webinars, tested multiple landing pages and traffic sources, hired employees, created new software, and more.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you focus on SPEED of implementation.

Every day you have a choice.

You can waste time on insignificant things…or you can focus on the actions that bring in profits.

The biggest roadblock for most online marketers is waiting for perfection.

You’re waiting till you have all your ducks in a row before you get started.

I have news for you. You’re never going to arrive…to be finished…to know it all.

You have to overcome the fear and start moving forward anyway.

Let’s say you’re going to create a new product.

One person may take 6 months putting together what they feel is the perfect product.

They release it only to find it isn’t what the market was looking for. All that time down the drain.

Entrepreneur #2 takes one day to put together their product.

They invest two hours into research by looking at the top selling products on Clickbank and checking out the Table of Contents in bestsellers on Amazon.

They put together a basic outline.

Then they do a 60 minute audio recording before lunch.

After lunch they write an OK sales letter…nothing fancy and nowhere near perfect.

They send the audio to an editor and hire out the website design on eLance. Within a couple of days they get their product back ready to sell.

They test it to their list or start buying a small amount of traffic from Facebook.

They let the market decide whether they run with the product or not.

If it does OK, they invest more time in the copy. They design a deeper, more detailed course for a higher fee. They plan a full product launch.

If it does poorly, they move on to their next idea. No worries.

Get it done. Get it out there. And get it making money.

The market votes with their wallet.

Your success in this coming year will rely on how many new successful projects you launch into the marketplace.

That’s what the January issue of the Monthly Mentor Club will help you do.

If you want to get more projects done in less time, subscribe here.

The issue will be sent to print on January 1st.

I’ll even be sharing several unique ways to test new product ideas BEFORE you create them (and no I’m not referring to surveys)…

And there is a special guest audio interview with an expert who has created dozens of products quickly in multiple niche markets.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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