It can take 6 months or more to create an information product.

I know, because I’ve been there.

But you can also create great products in a weekend…or even a single day.

I’ve done that multiple times also.

And here’s the funny thing. There is almost no connection to how profitable a project is and how long it takes to create. It’s about the value you deliver.

Here are 3 ways you can create an infoproduct fast…

#1: Case Study Interview

Have someone interview you about what you’ve accomplished. Or go the opposite route and you interview an expert.

That’s right. You can create an infoproduct fast using other people’s information.

Share the story of how you overcame a challenge. You had a desperate problem and you took specific steps to solve this problem.

Share step one, two, three, and so on.

Make sure the interviewer is curious about the subject.

You can plan many of the questions in advance, but the interviewer should listening and asking questions as an advocate for the listener.

I’ve created and sold multiple interview products. They are some of the fastest products you can create, and they can deliver results to listeners based on the experience of the expert.

#2: Video Software Guide

I’ve done several products that were primarily guides using specific software programs.

For example, I did a 3 DVD product on how to build your business With WordPress.

I used Camtasia to record my screen as I narrated setting up a website, researching keywords, optimizing for search, adding opt-in boxes, and more.

I also created a video about selling DVDs following similar steps by showing how to shoot, edit, and sell DVDs.

You can find guides for most software out there. Camtasia on PC or Screenflow on Mac make creating screen videos easy.

#3: Sell a Webinar

Sell your information product BEFORE you create it.

Make an outline of what you will teach on the webinar (1 to 3 hours of content).

Sell the webinar to your email list.

You could even sell the webinar on a trial basis. Have customers pay just $1 before the webinar and the rest of the fee 3 days after the webinar (pay $1 upfront and $46 in 3 days for example).

If they don’t love the value you share, all they have to do is email you to cancel. They won’t be billed.

Collect the money. Deliver the webinar. Record it and you have a product to sell.

One of the big advantages here is it forces you to get the product done. You’ve already sold it! You have to deliver…instead of procrastinating for weeks trying to get it perfect.

You can even expand this system out to sell larger products over multiple webinars at higher prices.

How to Turn Your New Product Into Ongoing Income

If the idea of earning an ongoing income from home selling information products sounds enticing, then check out

I’ve made a living online with information products since 1996. In that time I’ve helped thousands of people create products in hundreds of niche markets.

This business isn’t for everyone, but if you’re interested, you owe it to yourself and your family to find out more about the freedom available from a business like this.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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