What if there was a way for you to attract an extra 1,000 buyer leads to your email list in the next year?

I’m not talking about lookie-loos who just want free information.

This is about people who already raised their hands, pulled out their credit card, and purchased your product.

How much would these leads be worth to you?

These could easily be worth 10 times the value of an average subscriber…if not more.

Because they’re buyers.

I’m not going to hold you in suspense any longer about this.

This about Amazon Kindle…and how it can open up the doors to thousands of new buyers for your business.

As you know, Amazon owns the online book market.

According to Author Earnings, Amazon accounts for 74% of all ebooks purchased in the US. iBooks is in 2nd place with 11% market share.

Amazon accounts for 60% to 65% of overall book sales. And Amazon accounts for 90% of sales for independent self-publishers.

When people want to buy information, Amazon is one of the first places they look.

Will these hungry customers find you there?

You’re not likely to get rich from ebook sales…especially in the non-fiction market.

But ebooks can provide a little extra passive income while generating high quality buyer leads for your other products and services.

Your ebook/book can provide credibility to you.

The May issue of the Monthly Mentor Club comes out on May 1st.

I’m including a bonus interview with Yoav Ezer this month about how he has helped thousands of authors improve their sales on Amazon…and attract buyer leads to their list.

Yoav has quite a few tricks up his sleeve to improve your rankings and get more sales on Amazon.

That’s just the beginning.

Amazon doesn’t share buyer leads with you, but Yoav has a unique method for using Content Upgrades throughout your book to get buyers over to your landing page and onto your list.

Discover what’s important and not important about selling on Amazon.

Get buyers onto your list.

Make more sales of your products and services.

There was even an interesting tidbit shared about how you can use Amazon as additional credibility to make more sales at your website and on your webinars.

Within a few hours of interviewing Yoav, there were several steps I put into place for myself!

Get the interview plus my 23-page issue about how to generate buyer leads and profit from Amazon in the May issue of the Monthly Mentor Club coming out May 1st.

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