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Making more sales (and attracting more leads) on Amazon is kind of a chicken or the egg scenario.

Amazon will show your book more often when you’re making sales.

That’s pretty much the bottom line for them, and why Amazon has such an amazing conversion rate.

As reported by Millard Brown Digital, Amazon Prime members convert 74% of the time (maybe not at the first product they look at – but they purchase from Amazon over other retailers).

Even with non-Prime members, Amazon still converts at an incredible 13%.

Amazon shows your book when their algorithms say it’s the most likely purchase for the visitor.

Selling more books means you show up more often in organic searches on Amazon.

Selling more books means your rank increases in your chosen categories.

Selling more books means you show up more often in the recommendations on other books’ pages when they’ve often purchased alongside yours.

So how do you sell more books if you’re just getting started and Amazon isn’t showing you to their visitors…because your book is selling yet?

You have to promote.

This is another place where having your own email list gives you a big advantage.

You are building a list…aren’t you? Come on. I harp on how important this is all the time.

You could also run outside advertising such as Facebook to get some sales moving.

But Amazon’s own advertising system can help get started.

I started testing it and although I’m not pushing a lot of volume here yet, it was at break-even out of the gate before I even started the optimization process (before I paused even one ineffective keyword phrase).

Just a little optimization made my beginning campaign profitable on the front-end (from just selling an ebook/book on Amazon alone).

If you have a book/ebook on Amazon and haven’t looked into using “Sponsored Products” ads yet, then you’re missing out.

Because not only can you generate some extra sales for your book from this, you also tap into Amazon’s organic system.

You’re selling more books from advertising, which means your book will show up higher in its categories, higher in keyword searches, and more often in the recommendations.

Plus, I had a little side effect from my ads. You get to pick 7 keywords you want your ebook to show up in when you launch it on Amazon. My advertising found several other keywords which were better for my book. I went back into Amazon’s system and updated the 7 keywords for organic searches.

I talk more about this…and other ways you can use Amazon to make more sales and attract more buyer leads in the May issue of the Monthly Mentor Club.

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