While my core audience are Internet Lifestyle entrepreneurs, I’ve also helped a lot of brick-and-mortar local business owners over the years.

Below are a few steps you can use in almost any business to boost your traffic, leads, and profits.

#1: Focus on reviews.

Customers use reviews are on the main ways they pick a new vendor online. Don’t leave this critical component to chance.

Ask your best customers to review you. Purchase an additional domain name to redirect over to one of the review sites for your business. For example, it could take them directly to your Google reviews page, Facebook reviews, Yelp, or any local review site.

Several clients have created business cards that ask for the review, give the domain name link to the review page, and ask you to email or call the owner instead if you were in any way dissatisfied.

#2: Write for your customers – not your peers.

Professionals often fall into the trap of creating professional websites to impress their peers. They fill their sites with industry jargon, and their customers can’t figure out what in the world is going on.

Use conversational language your audience understands on your websites, in your emails, and in videos. Let them know you care about the problems, fears, and frustrations they experience. Communicate using the same words and phrases they use.

#3: Send more emails.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You should be emailing your list at least once a week, and more often is even better. Share case studies. Send specials. Provide value.

#4: Create a video or series of videos from the owner.

Your competitors’ websites probably suck. They’re impersonal and don’t communicate any real advantages. So the bar is often pretty low.

One way to gain an immediate advantage is to shoot a short 1 to 3 minute video from the owner where you share your unique selling position. Why should they choose you over every other available option?

It doesn’t need to be a big professional deal. In tests my clients and I have done, a simple video from an iPhone often beats a video that looks too professional. Be authentic. Be real. Share your passion.

#5: Make an irresistible offer.

Why should a customer call your office? Why should they fill out your online form? Why should they come in this weekend?

Give them a special, a discount, a coupon, or some other reason for them to act now.

The purpose of your website is to get them to take the next step with you. Don’t hide or confuse your call-to-action. Make it easy to contact you and move forward.

#6: Facebook ads work like crazy.

Several clients run Facebook advertising for local business niches. It’s amazing how profitable these ads can be in a local area.

You’re able to zero in on very tight, targeted audiences. You can install tracking codes on your site and retargeted your visitors back on Facebook. Combine an irresistible offer with a video and Facebook…and you have a crazy combination.

#7: Grab Sell Without Selling to position yourself as an authority.

My recent book, How to Sell Without Selling, is not just for online business owners.

It will also show you how to attract hungry leads into your local business….and convert them into buyers.

There is even a chapter with a full step-by-step plan written specifically for local professionals.

Check it out here…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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