I often talk about my discovery that took me from delivering pizzas for Little Caesars to creating a full-time income online.

Email changed my life.

It is the most powerful tool for reaching an audience, communicating with them regularly, and turning those leads into sales and income.

And with all the online advancements the past few years, that’s still true.

Email is the key.

But I also made just about every mistake in the book those first few years.

Here are 3 of them which you may still be making today.

#1 – Limited Emails

I was terrified for years that all my subscribers would unsubscribe and run for the hills if I sent more than one email a week.

Seriously I don’t know why I felt there was some ‘magical line’ you just couldn’t cross there. It seems silly to me now, but it held back my profits for years.

Little did I know how much more money was available by mailing multiple times per week or even daily.

#2 – Boring Subject Lines

Every single email had the exact same subject line, “Terry, Web Gold is here…”

No variety. No hook. No benefit. Just personalized with their name and my newsletter title.

The best subject lines are benefit + curiosity and that one had neither.

#3 – Limited promotions

Sure, I’d link to some products here and there, but I only ran special promotions a couple of times per year!

The same logic that made me limit my emails caused this one as well. I was afraid being ‘too promotional’ and offering my customers exactly what they were looking for (special deals) would cause them to unsubscribe.

That limited thinking limited my profits as well. As long as you’re delivering personality and character along with your content…your audience is looking for products and services which benefit them.

In spite of these 3 mistakes and multiple other ones…email was still the key to my Freedom.

You can make a LOT of mistakes with email and still profit. I’ve been there and bought the t-shirt. We won’t even get into all the times where I sent links that didn’t work or misspelled my subject lines.

As long as you’re creating emails that position you as a ‘trusted adviser’ to your market, your buyers will forgive many other mistakes you could make.

That’s why I love email so much.

It’s perfect for someone who makes as many mistakes as I do.

Here’s your ticket to the Email Lifestyle…


Designed and tested specifically for imperfect people who make mistakes…and want to earn a nice living online anyway.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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