I often scan through reader replies and look at the support tickets coming into the system.

Here’s a question that has been asked in a bunch of different ways recently…

It seems many Internet marketing gurus made their first dollars online by selling some ebook on making money even before they had succeeded themselves. The only thing they know how to do is pimp their fake knowledge. How did you originally get your start online?

If you sent in a question like this recently or you’ve been wondering the same…you’re right.

Internet marketing gurus are growing like weeds.

And sadly, I’ve seen many of them selling “How to Make a Million Dollars” products when they haven’t even earned their first cent online.

I know because I get requests for help from them regularly.

In fact, I almost burst out laughing recently when someone emailed me and asked how they should generate traffic to their brand new course on insider traffic generation secrets.

That’s way too common.

Personally I got my start back in 1996. There were multiple products I tested with at first…all produced by others. Some of the more profitable ones were self-help type videos which I purchased licenses to. These came with direct mail letters which I translated into online websites.

There were also a few affiliate programs back in the Stone Ages. Not many…but a few.

Within a couple of years people were asking how I was succeeding online, and I created my first products to tell them how I did it.

Since then I’ve dabbled in many markets but I don’t reveal much about those because they have almost always been with partners.

It’s TOUGH to divide your focus into multiple markets and my passion since 2006 really has been coaching others to succeed in their own niches…everything from golf to guinea pigs to natural health to chiropractors and everything in between.

My buddy and client Dr. Glenn Livingston got his start in over 18 totally unique niches…but even he had to cut back over the past few years to focus on his best opportunities.

It just doesn’t make sense to divide your attention into too many businesses. Instead, use the 80/20 rule to focus on the 20% producing 80% of the profits.

But I understand this question.

You want to hear from someone who isn’t in the ‘internet marketing niche’ at all. Is there anyone willing to reveal their secrets when they have nothing to gain from it?

Usually the answer is a big fat NO. Why would they? Revealing their inner workings almost always leads to copycats and a reduced piece of the pie for everyone.

Look at how many people copycat internet marketing training…even without the experience to back it up. They do this because they’ve constantly seeing examples from this market!

That’s why I have something very special for my Monthly Mentor Club subscribers coming up in our February issue.


I interview Mr. X who is currently active in multiple different niches…and internet marketing is NOT one of them.

When was the last time you heard an interview from someone revealing his best traffic secrets…and he had absolutely nothing else to sell you?

He did this simply as a favor to me. One of his conditions was I couldn’t reveal his real name anywhere for free (he didn’t want to invite more copycats), although I do reveal his name in the very first page of my print newsletter along with a few of his markets.

That’s why he’s simply Mr. X here. But Club members get to hear it all…along with several big surprises that are probably contrary to everything else you hear about online marketing.

In addition, my entire print issue for February gives you an easy reference to each of his strategies.

The issue will be uploaded in PDF on February 1st and will be put in the mail on February 3rd.


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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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