Are you in a competitive market?

The likely answer to that question is YES.

Virtually every profitable market in 2014 is competitive.

If you find a wide open market, be afraid. Be very afraid.

That doesn’t mean they can’t exist. It’s possible you came up with an idea no one else has ever thought of before, but it’s more likely others have tried to succeed already in the market. It just didn’t work out.

Too many beginners waste months or even years looking for the fabled wide open market.

Personally, I now prefer big, competitive markets with lots of money sloshing around.

That includes subjects such as make money (in all its forms), weight loss, natural health, golf, relationships, anti-aging, etc.

They’re markets with big audiences. There is a lot of money being spent on them. And customers stay interested in the subject for life.

You’re not limited to just a few ways to generate traffic.

There are literally hundreds of ways to generate traffic in these markets.

The problem is you can’t always go head-to-head in the most obvious ways.

Instead you have to take detours.

For example, let’s say you provide natural health methods for people with diabetes.

Perhaps Google Adwords is your favorite traffic method.

You’re going to run into a problem there pretty quickly.

Big drug companies have already staked out their claim on the most important keywords. And they have money to burn…money you couldn’t even imagine competing with.

If you go to the biggest health sites, they’ve probably bought out the best spots there also.

Does that mean you’re out of luck?

No way.

It simply means you need to take a detour.

If the most competitive keywords have ridiculous costs per click because of big drug companies, you need to start thinking laterally.

What other keywords might your audience be searching? Exactly who is your market? What are their demographics? What else are they interested in?

If the biggest health sites are taken, you move into the smaller sites the big companies aren’t paying attention to. You contact them directly and find ways to partner with them.

You get away from the overpriced terms and websites…and move into those where you can stake out a private claim.

And the beauty is…someone researching the market may not even notice you. You’re behind the scenes and perhaps even invisible to them.

My good friend Mr. X talks all about these Traffic Detours in the February issue of the Monthly Mentor Club.

He uses these methods in MULTIPLE markets outside of the make money fields.

For example, one of his traffic detours produced sales of over $25,000 from a $1,300 ad buy.

In addition, you’ll also receive 4 very specific questions to help you think laterally about your market…and find unique traffic opportunities not obvious to the naked eye.

The issue will be online in PDF format on February 1st and will be going to subscribers on February 3rd.

Don’t miss it…if you’re serious about driving traffic in competitive markets.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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