There are new traffic courses being released every week.

And all of them promise the ‘insider secrets’ to sending floods of buying traffic to your website.

They tease you with bullet after bullet of everything hidden behind the curtain.

They talk about the millions of free visitors you can tap into or the cheap 1 cent traffic that’s available on websites like Facebook.

It’s an enticing pitch. If only you knew what they knew about this BRAND NEW traffic source, all your worries would be over. The traffic problem would be solved.

But there is one secret they don’t reveal behind the curtain…

It doesn’t matter whether they’re teaching blogging, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Adwords, CPV, solo ads, search engine optimization, etc.

Have you ever noticed what all those courses have in common?

Their primary traffic method is joint ventures.

While the Facebook course is using some Facebook traffic, the majority of their sales and income come through their joint venture partners.


If Facebook is the greatest source of traffic available today, then why are they selling the course primarily through joint ventures?

That’s one of the dirty little secrets behind virtually every traffic course sold online.

I’m NOT putting down any of those sources of traffic.

I use all of them. Clients use them. They’ve generated millions of dollars for us.

You want to find the right traffic source for your personality, your business, and your financial situation.

For one person, that could be blogging and Youtube while another uses Adwords and Facebook.

But you can always find a way to tap into joint ventures in ANY type of business.

You might say, “But I’m a local accountant…other accountants aren’t going to recommend me!”

No. They won’t. But what about business consultants, bankers, insurance agents, business supply stores, business networking groups, etc.?

It’s always about the customer. Who else is your customer buying from? What else do they buy immediately before or after your service?

Who already has the attention and trust of your target buyers?

The most common joint venture you see is the big product endorsement, but that’s just one joint venture method.

And often it’s not the best one!

I was recently asked how someone could build credibility when just starting out for example.

One of the quickest ways is to associate yourself with someone who already has credibility in the market. For example, you could interview an expert in the market.

You then ‘borrow’ their credibility by connecting yourself with them.

You’ll be surprised how responsive experts are to interviews when you come to them with a unique idea and with the right approach.

I’ve used joint ventures to drive traffic, sell products, create content, produce new products, build credibility, get publicity, create evergreen income streams, and more.

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to share more with you about how to set-up evergreen joint ventures that consistently send you cash PLUS how to get started with jvs even if you’re an introvert.

For now, your action step is to start thinking about your ideal customer.

Who is your perfect customer? What desperate problems do they have? What do they currently believe about those problems or desires? How old are they?

What other products and services are they buying right now?

One of the reasons you may have had trouble reaching joint venture partners in the past is that you haven’t fully defined your customer. It’s not everyone. Partners can’t refer ‘everyone’ to you.

The better you can articulate the customer and how you benefit them, the easier it is to persuade joint venture partners.

Looking forward to what I have to share with you next time!

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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