niche marketListen to many of the business opportunity sellers, and the Internet sounds so easy.

Just buy XYZ product, and all your money problems are solved.

No work required.

And absolutely no thinking required…because that’s even harder work than putting in the time.


Life doesn’t work like that.

There are systems and products which will help you. They can cut down the learning curve. And they can advance you ahead of the pack.

Why wouldn’t you want to learn from someone else’s experience?

Your own personal experience is the best teacher, but it’s an expensive instructor!

People go into debt for 4 years of college to get a $50,000 a year job…

Yet, they think they can jump online and be on their way to a $100,000 income in 2 weeks.

That doesn’t even make sense. If it really was that easy, and that foolproof, everyone would be doing it.

Lately I’ve been pushing brand new beginners to spend more time (at least a few weeks minimum) in the planning and research phase.

For them to research and get to know a market online, what they’re interested in, and where the buyers are before they even work on putting up a website.

In other words, PLAN the business first. Get to know the audience.

And also fill in some of the missing links.

Here are 3 of the common mistakes I see people make when starting out:

1. Not knowing how to reach the target audience.

2. Not having a unique message to share.

3. Not having any proof to back up their message.

Not Knowing How to Reach Your Audience

You’re dead in the water here if you don’t know how to reach your target audience. In fact, you’re likely to flounder around in confusion about which techniques to use…or constantly buying the new “traffic generation of the week” product without having a plan in place.

You’ll have others tell you how every market and every customer the same, but it’s not true. Their bottom line emotions are similar (they’re humans after all) but their desires are different. And they’re not all found in the same locations.

For some of my b2b clients for example, there often isn’t enough volume from Google…even with both PPC and SEO combined in. We have to use other unique ways of reaching the audience at times.

Where is your audience and how do you plan to reach them?

Not Having a Unique Message to Share

Today, if there are 10 others saying the exact same things and they’re already established in the market, why should anyone listen to you?

You need to have a message. You need to share something that is often contrarian with the rest of the industry. That’s how you stand out and get noticed.

A lot of people create a website, put up a blog, and even create a product…before they ever share a real noticeable message. Something is backwards here.

Not Having Proof to Back Up The Message

There is a little of a catch-22 here. You need proof for others to listen to your message, but you can’t get any testimonials until you have people listening to your message!

So the initial proof doesn’t come from testimonials. It comes from your own story and experience. It comes from people you network with or even those you interview (who may already be known in the marketplace). It comes from showing demonstration of what you’re sharing in action.

This element is so important…and so often ignored…that Glenn Livingston and I discussed it in depth in our recent Choose Your Marketproduct.

We actually recommend finding a market you have easily usable proof in as one of the conditions for finding a successful niche market today. Check this out and the other guidance we provide to eliminate the confusion and set you on the right business direction here:

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