Lee McIntyreMost people are marketing online with the lights out.

They write articles.  They create a blog.  They try paid advertising.  They may even create their own product.

But it feels random.  And nothing seems to work for them.

It kind of feels like walking around in the dark.  If you’re at home, you can probably do this quite while with a little practice. But watch out if your spouse moves the furniture…or if a dog is sleeping on the floor.

Trying to market online without figuring out your strategy first is just like walking around in the dark.  It’s a mistake waiting to happen.

Turn the lights on.

The lights are the strategy you’re applying to your business.

What’s the goal?  Where are you going with your visitors?

I see people copying the marketing of others all the time without going deeper to see the strategy that is taking place behind the scenes.

For example, perhaps you see someone advertising on the PPC search engines.  Maybe they’re selling a $19.95 ebook.  So you say, hey, I can create a better ebook than that…and you start advertising right alongside them based off the same concepts you see them using.

You lose a fortune.

If you never purchased their ebook you might not have seen the immediate upsells that took place after the purchase.  You might not have seen the courtesy call that takes place a few days later for a higher ticket offer.

You missed out on the strategy that really driving the system.

I see this happen with websites all the time.  Someone has a successful selling site so others seek to copy them.  They model the site and the words without knowing the psychology that is taking place behind the scenes.

They didn’t do the customer research that the original company did.  So they don’t know what makes the site work, and they end up copying the entirely wrong points.  Or they leave out vital elements that make everything else work.

Other times they copy the marketing without understanding who the audience is.

Remember, the audience you’re speaking to is the MOST IMPORTANT element of the entire process.  Where can you find YOUR audience, one that resonates with you?  What will they best respond to?

What’s your strategy in social media?  Are you just participating because it’s the thing to do.  Everyone’s saying how important it is.  So you think you must do something…anything here.

Instead of producing results, you’re wasting time.

Any social media activity should be done with a plan of producing more subscribers, leads, and sales at your website.  This means you’re tracking and know the return on any time investment here.

Let’s say you have a blog audience or you have an opt-in email list.  What do they want to buy?

You definitely want to ask them through a survey regularly (when’s the last time you did even a simple survey with your list).

But what if you want to know what type of offer they’ll respond to quickly?  The best solution is to BUY several products/services from your competitors to give them a try.  When you find good quality solutions that do what they promise – offer them to your list as an affiliate.

If your honest recommendation produces a good result, then you KNOW they will respond if you create a better solution for the same problem.  You know before you invest any more time into the project.  That’s much safer than simply creating and hoping it’s going to sell.

I had dinner with with Lee McIntyre down in Orlando Saturday.  We’ve known each other for a while now.  He runs a very successful affiliate program where he often pays 100% or even more of the frontend sales in commissions (once you count commissions, processing fees, prizes, etc.).

Other people try to copy that from him all the time, but they miss the strategy behind it.  He can pay that level of commissions because of the other sales he makes to buyers of his frontend products.  He can lose money on the first sale to a customer because he knows the numbers from his business.

If someone copied that technique from him without knowing the strategy behind it, they could go broke.

But because he over delivers on the frontend and has the products/services on the backend, it works like gangbusters.

If you’d like to see one of Lee’s great performing little sites, check it out here:

The sales page is too hypey for my tastes.  Yes, Lee did achieve success quite quickly online, but it takes much more time for the average person to reach their goals.

The product itself is excellent which is why I’m recommending it.

The link above is an affiliate link.

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