Over the past month, I’ve been reviewing a lot of my most successful sales copy from the past two decades.

In addition, I’ve been reviewing top performing pieces from Doberman Dan and other world-class copywriters.

And there is a word that sticks out like a sore thumb.

It’s used in many of the top performing pieces.

And even when it’s not used, it is still implied.

One of the winners used this word TWICE in the headline alone. Plus it was used again in the first sentence of the copy itself.

It’s one of the secrets to successful offers.

I’m not talking about the word ‘Free’ although that’s a powerful word too.

The word I’m referring to is ‘New’.

There is always something ‘New’ about what’s being offered.

It’s not that old stuff you’ve already tried before.

It’s new…it’s improved…and you’ve never seen anything like this!

That’s a core theme behind marketing that works.

Look for the ‘New’ in your offer.

Car manufacturers are great at this.

They’re not selling the 2016 version of their car. Who wants that old thing? This is the brand new 2017 version.

It has the exact same engine as last year, but it has these cool new lights.

Apple always has something new. Virtually every year they have new updates to their iPhones and iPads.

You already have a perfectly good phone, but you need this brand ‘new’ one. It’s so much better than that old one from last year! The screen is bigger. The device is thinner. How will you live without the new, improved version?

Fashions go out of style…and eventually come back into style.

The old is new again.

How can you apply this to what you’re offering?

If you sell software, continually update it. Create the 2.0 and 3.0 versions.

If you’re in ecommerce, keep looking for new products to test in your inventory.

If you sell information, look for ways to repackage it. Give it a cool new title. Add additional details.

Keep testing and improving on your systems.

When you create an offer, look for the new elements you can focus on.

How if your offer unique from what’s already available on the market?

What problems does it solve better than any other solution?

What is ‘new’ about your offer?

You don’t just need to solve the problems (or fulfill the desires) of your target market. You also have to grab their attention and stand out from what’s already available by positioning your solution as new and improved on the other options.

That’s why I share what’s working for my clients and I right now inside the Monthly Mentor Club every month.

It’s a mixture of the old and the new. You’ll discover proven systems that have worked for years…combined with the methods clients are using right now to create six, seven, and even eight figure businesses online.


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