One of my clients recently emailed me because he was worried about the market he chose.

He already finished his research, created his Lead Magnet, and set-up an opt-in landing page.

And now, when it was getting close to do his initial tests…he was getting cold feet.

I know the feeling.

I’ve been there.

And after coaching both new and experienced online entrepreneurs for so long, I’ve seen hundreds of them experience similar issues.

It could be launching a new business…launching a new offer…or simply sending out an email you wrote from your heart.

How will people respond? What if people take it the wrong way? What if it doesn’t work out?

If you listen to the “What If’s” you’ll never get anything off the ground.

Quit waiting for the perfect opportunity.

You’ll never have the perfect product.

And you’ll never write the perfect email.

You may get close…but perfection isn’t the goal.

Instead focus on forward motion.

You don’t get any results until you get it moving.

And there are zero profits in having a dozen almost finished projects.

Some people struggle moving from being an employee to being an entrepreneur.

Luckily, I didn’t have this problem because I was such a horrible employee.

As an employee, you’re promised specific wages.

If you earn $20 and you work 10 hours, you know you’re going to get $200…minus all those taxes.

You have certainty about the pay you’ll receive.

As an entrepreneur, that certainty isn’t possible…at least not to the same extent.

The time you put in on a project may payoff big time…or it could be a dud.

The good news is that once you have an email list in place, pretty much every project can be profitable.

But you don’t know upfront just how profitable each project will be.

One may be a base hit.

Another becomes a home run.

But nothing happens till you step up to bat.

You can practice and prepare all you want, but you have to swing at the ball to make something happen.

Even if you strike out a time or two…so what?

Get back up and keep moving forward.

I don’t know anyway to completely eliminate the fear.

The best way I’ve found to conquer it is to simply agree with it.

Maybe nobody will respond to this email. I’ll send another one tomorrow.

This ad might not work. I’ll keep the budget low at first just in case. If it fails, I’ll create another one.

Perhaps NOBODY responds to the joint venture email you send. So what? Nobody is responding right now anyway. So might as well get moving.

Even if you’re at the starting point…worried about whether a the market is the right one for you…take the attitude that you’re going to see this through. Even if this isn’t the perfect fit for you yet, the skills you develop getting started will serve you for the rest of your life.

I wish I could guarantee you instant success, but that doesn’t exist.

But I guarantee you won’t get anything done if you allow FEAR to hold you back.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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