I HATED high school.

I never seemed to fit in.

And I got bullied…a lot.

I was a shy, nerdy introvert.

There were many times I just wanted to get out of there…and of course eventually I graduated and went to college because that’s what you’re supposed to do.

Maybe things would be different. But I still didn’t fit in college either.

I felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round whole.

I met my wife and we were married within 5 months. What was she thinking?

I dropped out of college and bounced around from one dead-end job to another.

I signed people up for credit cards in front of Sears. I sold satellite dishes door-to-door. I probably have the record for the shortest time in that job as they booted me out the door in 2 weeks after selling a grand total of 0 dishes.

And my final job was delivering pizzas for Little Caesars.

Why couldn’t I be normal, finish college, and get a regular job?

I wasn’t satisfied with normal.

I wasted a lot of money on failed business opportunities and network marketing companies.

Until I discovered the Internet, bought my first PC, and everything changed.

Finally I found somewhere I fit in.

The Internet has opened up opportunities that have never existed before.

No matter what you’re interested in, there is a place for you.

It doesn’t matter how weird you are.

There are people out there waiting for you to embrace your weirdness.

Maybe you’re passionate about cloth diapers. There are websites for that.

Or you love cracking jokes while watching basketball. There are popular Youtube channels for that.

You can sell crafts on Etsy. You can sell weird services on Fiverr. You can write books for Kindle.

Being normal is so out of style.

You can waste your entire life playing it safe and living by other people’s rules, or you can make a choice to do something different.

Take a chance.

Try something new.

Be who you’ve always wanted to be.

Experience true freedom.

We’re waiting to see who you really are inside.

What have you always wanted to do?

Even more important…who have you always wanted to be?

Not everyone will understand, but they don’t need to.

A kitchen table business doesn’t need to appeal to everyone. You can be very profitable appealing to only a small portion of a niche market.

And if you want to finally join a group that gets you…check out the Monthly Mentor Club.

It’s where Internet Winners go to hang out.

You get a load of bonuses just for giving it a try…and you get my best advice each and every month…and a community of go-getter internet entrepreneurs inside the discussion group and monthly webinars.


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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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