Market – Message – Method

You hear it shouted all over the place, “Find your passion to build your internet business.”

If all you had to do was find your passion…then why are there so many “starving artists?”

There are people very passionate about what they do who can’t make a living, BECAUSE they don’t have an audience lined up to buy what they’re offering.

Everything starts with the market first.

If you want to succeed online, you need 3 M’s:

1. Market
2. Message
3. Method

Find Your Market

You have to choose a MARKET – a target audience who wants what you offer. In addition you have to make sure you’re willing to do what it takes to reach this audience. If they’re best found through search engines, are you willing to optimize your site for the search engines OR run pay-per-click ads there?

If the audience is best reached through an affiliate program, are you willing to pay affiliates well and DO the work of tracking down and contacting the right affiliates?

What if your audience means you have to go offline for promotion? For example, all my clients who sell B2B eventually go offline into journals and/or mailing lists in their industry.

In addition, are you willing to set-up a business model that matches the competition in your field. For example, if all the top competitors have high ticket items or a continuity, is that something you’re willing to put into your long-term business plan?

Share Your Message

After you have a market, you must have a message. This is where passion really comes into the equation. What is your UNIQUE MESSAGE that you’re passionately presenting.

You research your competition to make sure it’s a successful and profitable market. And you also do your research to see what gap you can fill. What message isn’t being shared in the way only you can share it?

The message I share for example is to Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life without compromising your values. That’s vital to me. I can’t stand the idea of having to “give your life” just to succeed in business and I also can’t stand the idea that “business is business” and your values end where the office begins.

So everything I do, share, and teach comes back to that core message.

What is your CORE message? What benefit are you sharing with your audience? How can you make a difference in your world?

Use a Consistent Method

Consistency is the key. It’s not about writing one article and watching it pass all over the internet. It’s about consistently putting out information aligned with your message.

This may be in autoresponders, written blog posts, videos, or audios. It’s your choice.

The important element is following a system YOU can be consistent with.

What type of information/content can you consistently put out about your passionate messsage?

Which format can you get the most riled up about…and wanting to get back to work to share the next idea from your notebook?

Keep It Simple

I like keeping it simple, but the concept of “simply following your passion” doesn’t quite hit the market.

Yes, you want to be passionate – but you’ve got to have the market, the message, and the method.

The big question today is do you have YOUR MESSAGE? And are you using a consistent method to reach your market?

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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