I care about the success of my readers.

The goal of this site is to help you achieve success in your internet business while at the same time making a profit for my business.

The more people I help reach their goals…the more successful I become.

You will often see me make product recommendations on my blog, on my sites, in my products, and in my emails.

The goal of these recommendations is because I BELIEVE in them. I believe in the products I’m offering.

I do NOT make recommendations of products I have not seen. This is one of the reasons you almost never see me taking part in the “big product launches” because they want you to promote a product sight unseen. This would be extremely rare for me, because every product has both strengths and weaknesses to it. It’s not for everyone.

Some times I purchase the product, software, or book I’m reviewing. Other times it is given to me freely.

My goal is to provide an honest review of a product, whether I’m an affiliate or received it for free.

If there is an affiliate program available for a product I endorse, I register for it and use my affiliate link unless I’m being lazy at the time. If I’m being lazy I don’t include the affiliate link.

My reasoning for using an affiliate link whenever they’re available is BECAUSE this is a business blog. It makes a profit and I do spend money on outsourcing, advertising, etc.

In addition, I’m grateful that I have quite a few loyal customers who appreciate my approach of only recommending products I believe in. They send me emails ASKING for my affiliate link when I don’t include it.

At times I might even be receiving more than the published affiliate commissions, as affiliate program owners do offer higher commissions to specific affiliates.

And to make sure I didn’t miss covering anything, here are a few graphics to further describe possible connections to make sure we cover every possibility…

So while reading posts, it’s safest to assume:

1. I’m likely getting paid for any product links.
2. I know or am a friend with the person I’m linking to because of one of my concepts of online business is to do business with those you like.
3. Unless I say otherwise, I could have received the product I’ve reviewing for free.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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