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How often do you review your website stats?

Once a week…once a month…or almost never?

I will often skim through them weekly as I plan the next week, and I dig into them more intensively about once a month.

When I’m running a newer ad campaign, I’ll login and review them every single day to think about how the campaign can be improved.

One of the interesting stats I found in my monthly review was just how popular my “21 Ways…” types of posts are.

I was looking at the pageviews of my blog pages over the past year, and I noticed how a majority of the pages with the highest numbers of views were in that format.

I’ve mentioned it before in other variations (such as how my email open rate increases with that type of email also), but this one really stood out for me in my own stats review.

If you were to write these ALL the time, it would decrease its effectiveness (it would get boring to readers to have the same style every time). But it is even more reason for you to shoot for posts like this at times in your writing. They’re some of the highest page views and most often linked to.

I’ve listed 7 of them below – a total of 117 ways to make more money online. This is NOT the exact order they appear in the stats, but they are all articles with a high viewership.

21 Ways to Add More Subscribers

What do people ask for more than anything else? They ask for ways to add more subscribers and grow more traffic. The money is in your relationship with a list…and that means you want a list that is always growing. Here are 21 ways to grow more subscribers.

10 Ways to Generate Website Traffic for Beginners

This covers both paid and free traffic methods. Kind of interesting that this post is almost 3 years old! Everyone talks about how much the internet changes, but all of those methods still work. The methodology has changed for a few of them, but they’re still the traffic generating methods that drive paid buyers. Talk about a blast from the past!

20 Ways to Add Value to Your Products and Services

Want to increase the selling price of your product? Here are 20 recipes for both increasing the value you build into your product and increasing its price. A quick tip here…the best courses are often multimedia with print and audio or print and video to increase the value to the user.

25 Ways to Increase Conversion

Hey look, we’ve added more subscribers…built our traffic…and improved our product value…now let’s increase the conversion at our site. Can you see a trend going here in these articles? Each one is giving you multiple solutions to solving each of the problems of an internet marketer. They almost seem like a series even though I didn’t write them that way.

21 Ways to Increase Profits

Notice how a few of these overlap with the above subjects? There are some new ones added in, but some of the ideas get presented again. I’ll often drill a few of the same methods multiple times. If you mess something up in your business, almost always it will relate back to the basics. You missed something in the basics!

10 Business Addons For Firefox

This one takes a totally different direction simply covering some of the addons available for the Firefox browser. I recently purchased another computer and tried using Internet Explorer for two weeks on it. It reminded me just how much I prefer Firefox and everything you can use inside it.

10 Ways to Really Make Money Online

This one is all about different business models, and how you don’t have to be locked into one way of making money online. It also reminded me how I say “Ways” too much. Watch…I’ll use “methods, tips, or secrets” in some future articles like this, but I couldn’t resist using ways one more time in the title of of this article…117 ways to make more money online.

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