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2 Battle for Internet Domination

Two young men both hear all the stories of the successful internet marketers.

They both say, “I want to do that – earn money while working from home.”

They both purchase the exact same training course. They both rip through it over the weekend. And they both committ to actively doing it over the next few months.

Fast forward six months. One of these young men has a business that is pulling in a small income and he is now considering replacing his job to spend more time in the online business. The 2nd young man is still floundering…wondering why the internet doesn’t work for him.

What’s the difference?

Why does everything just seem to happen overnight for one person while others never catch a break?

It has everything to do with speed of implementation.

I’ve worked with quite a number of clients now. The ones who are most successful are the ones who say, “OK…I’ll get that done within about an hour.”

They move. They take action. They keep pushing. They keep testing.

They also know that “luck” is simply made up of taking enough actions until one sticks.

People see a blogger, article marketer, or video creator have a content piece that takes off…and they say, “Aren’t they lucky?”

What they don’t see is the fact that person has created dozens…or even hundreds of pieces before the one which took off.

They made their own luck by constantly putting many pieces out there.

Let’s say the above two men decided to use “article marketing” as their strategy. The successful one likely worked at pumping out as many keyword focused articles as he could…perhaps he got it down to five 300 word articles every hour.

The second less successful person was still struggling over their first article while the successful one already had 5 working for him.

Who has a better shot at one of the articles hitting the “big time?” Obviously the person who put more out there. Everything they do isn’t a winner, but enough works to build his income.

That’s why perfectism is such an enemy of internet marketers.

If you’re waiting till you get it all perfect, you don’t put anything out there. You never take risks. And you never see the rewards.

Here’s a little secret many gurus don’t want you to know.

Not everything we do works.

It’s an important FACT of online business.

The copywriter doesn’t always write a home run winner.

The product developer doesn’t always write a best seller.

The PPC expert doesn’t always profit with every campaign.

The writer doesn’t always get passed around.

So what makes a winner? Why do some stand out and excel while others flounder in obscurity?

They work. They practice. They improve.

They keep taking tries at bat until they hit the home run.

Are there ANY baseball players that always hit a home run? Nope. They strike out more than half the time.

In fact, it’s generally accepted that .300 is a pretty good batting average for pros…that means they strike out more often than they even get on base.

Think of that next time you hear your favorite guru only talking about all their home runs.

Are you willing to get up there and swing? Are you willing to get a few strikeouts? Maybe just get on base a couple of times?

That’s the price of successful internet marketing.

If you want to improve your odds and your batting skill, check out the Monthly Mentor Club. I can’t promise you perfection, because it doesn’t exist. But I can promise to give you the tools you need to get your business started and get you the up to bat.

Note: I could have easily said women up above instead of men.  I simply used men so I didn’t have to say he/she all throughout the article.

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