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You may have noticed that I’ve started using the https://www.mymarketingcoach.com domain heavily now.

While my internet business coaching site is still active and I will post there from time to time, I’m putting more of my attention on this site at the moment.

Part of this change in attention also means a little change in strategy.

I’m going to be doing a limited amount of guest posting on other sites. Yes, that’s me personally doing the posts…not an outsourced worker of any type.

Why am I doing this? I want some very high quality content related links from other good blogs to this site.

I will likely be doing some guest posts for those I already consider friends, but I’d like to build some new friends during this period also. So feel free to contact me even if we’ve never emailed or spoken before.

What do you get out of it?

1. You get content for your site.

We could do it as an interview if you like…for example you could send over a list of questions you’d like answered and I will answer those in a text format which you can post to your blog. This would be be the greatest assurance you’d get the content you most want for your site. Usually about 4 or 5 questions makes for a good written interview of the right length.

Or you can pick a subject you need more information on such as copywriting, product development, video creation, interns, outsourcing, etc. Obviously I can’t write about something like design work since I almost always hire that out to others (although I could give concepts there).

2. You will get additional exposure for your site.

Depending on how many of these I do in all, I will do one or more emails detailing the content I’ve produced through this as my audience would want to read the articles which could be posted on your site. AND if you want to be a guest blogger here, we may be able to set that up also.

3. You potentially make money from an affiliate link.

If I post any links to any products (by the agreement of both of us) I will use your affiliate link so you get the commission.

Here’s what I’m Looking For On My Side:

1. You can’t have a brand new blog.

You need to have a Pagerank, bare minimum of 2…and priority will be given to those ranked higher along with those who have email lists, RSS feed lists, etc. This doesn’t mean I’m only going to work with larger ones. It simply means they would get priority in scheduling and timing.

I’m willing to do a written interview or write something for those with smaller blogs, but you have to show you’re doing something here.

2. You must have a blog that posts good content regularly.

No blogs that post private label content, articles by non-English speakers, or steal feeds from other sites. Your goal must be to provide good content for your visitors. And I don’t want to see a month in between each of your regular posts. Weekly posts could be considered a minimum here.

3. You need to post my link and anchor text I request in the blog post.

My purpose here is the incoming links from unique one off content blog posts. So this is one of the essentials for those I work with here. If we do any additional links directly to my products or other people’s products, we can use your affiliate link.

How to Contact Me If You’re Interested

Reply to one of my newsletter emails, send email to webmaster@ along with my domain name, or you can contact me through Twitter by sending a reply to @TerryDean.

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