Do you feel like you can never catch up with everything you need to do?

That’s one of the most common problems I hear today. It seems almost everyone feels overwhelmed.

So today I’m just going to give 3 quick time management tips.

#1 – Use “Time Blocks.”

I often use the Pomodoro technique, especially for writing

You take any type of timer, countdown watch, etc. Set it to 25 minutes. If you’re going to write a blog post, an email, or a report…start the timer.

For the next 25 minutes you ONLY work on this. You must write.

If you use Word, then ONLY Word is up.

The phone is off. Any instant messengers are off. Email is off.

Write for 25 minutes without getting up. Once 25 minutes is up, you take a 5 minute break, get up, check your messages, whatever. After 5 minutes, you start the clock again and you only write.

I’m amazed how much more I write when I use this technique to anything else. Just 4 sessions like this (2 hours) creates more writing than a full day of distracted writing.

You can use this for any other activity also, but it works best for writing or product creation.

#2 – Daily Calendar

I’m ‘old school’ with my calendar. I have a desk calendar beside my computer and I plan out time blocks for the next week.

You could do the same thing with Google Calendar, your phone, or any calendar app.

Write down what you’re doing every hour you’re working in specific blocks of time. This includes time for email, any social media, writing blog posts, etc.

List everything on your daily schedule.

Even if this plan falls by the wayside in the future, you still want to do it for at least the next 7 days.

Here’s what multiple clients have discovered with this exercise.

Everything they want to do doesn’t fit in the calendar!

They were feeling guilty about what they weren’t getting done, but they never realized what they were trying to do was impossible in the time allotted.

This moves us to the 3rd point.

#3 – Be an Essentialist.

This is another application of the 80/20 rule. What generates the majority of your money right now?

You focus your attention there first. In the beginning…

You need good way to generate traffic to start.

You need one good way to convert traffic into sales.

You need one good way to deliver your products or services.

Over time you can and should add multiple profitable traffic sources, but you start with making one work.

So you may focus on Facebook as your traffic method…with email as your primary way to convert leads into sales…and then you deliver your product through a membership site.

That’s where you set your primary focus.

What are you wasting time on right now…that’s not required to hit your end goals?

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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