Don’t just tell people how awesome you are.

Demonstrate it instead.

If you want to attract people to you, start by giving them answers to their problems.

Uncover the problem they’re experiencing. Bring it to light. Describe the problem and all its facets till they realize you understand the problem even better than they do.

Reveal the myths in your industry that are holding people back from results.

Shout it from the rooftops, “Why isn’t anyone else talking about this?”

Provide real usable value to potential customers even before they buy from you.

Then you won’t just be hyping your expertise. You’ll be proving it to them with the insights you give…things they may never have thought about before.

If you’re trying to make connections with other experts in your industry…how can you give first and prove your value?

Don’t just go to them and ask, “Can you promote my product?

If they don’t know you, you’re just going to hear the sound of crickets in the background.

Instead, come up with ways you can benefit them.

Promote their offer to your list first.

Do an interview with them you share on a podcast or your Youtube channel.

Offer an exclusive set of videos they can add to their membership site.

What if you’re a service provider looking for new clients?

If you’re selling coaching or consulting, start off with a discovery call either for free or low cost with money back guarantee.

Discover the problem and help them reach a step-by-step solution on the call. That’s right. Point them down the pathway of the solution.

If they want help to walk the path, you’re available for a longer term commitment. But if they want to walk it alone, you gave them the advice to move in the right direction.

In all of these methods, you’re providing value first.

You’re giving first to prove your worth.

The key is knowing how to strategically give value that attracts customers and clients.

It’s not about just throwing content out there.

The content has to position you as a trusted adviser to your audience.

Notice I didn’t say position yourself as a ‘teacher.’

Teachers are a dime a dozen online. Your prospects and customers are overwhelmed with information today.

What they need is clear guidance.

Here’s the complete step-by-step system to making that happen with email…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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