As a digital marketer, you need to come up with regular, entertaining content that provides value to your subscribers and customers.

Your daily activities, experiences, and case studies are the first place to look.

But what if you’re still stuck and looking for content?

Here are 3 way you can quickly tap into valuable content proven to attract eyeballs.

#1 – Answer Questions

Since I speak with my coaching clients regularly by phone and email, there are always QUESTIONS coming in.

My answers to their questions are possible subjects for future emails.

In some cases all I have to do is remove any ‘identifying’ information about their market or niche. And the rest of the email is almost ready to go.

You may not have clients, but you could respond to subscribers who email you. Write up a good response to a question from a subscriber, and you have the majority of an email ready for your list. If one person is asking the question, others are likely doing so also.

Maybe you don’t have clients or subscribers yet. Go to discussion forums, Facebook groups, or Linkedin groups. Look at the questions being asked there. They become possible subjects for your emails.

People in your market are asking questions. Are you answering them?

#2 – Swipe Proven Ideas

Look at themes that are already popular. is good for this. You can search any keyword phrase and find content that’s already being shared on Facebook and other social media sites.

You can use their basic features for free…and that’s all you really need here to come up with ideas.

Don’t steal anyone’s words. Come up with your own take on the subject. Ideas aren’t unique. Someone has thought of it before. And someone will think of it in the future.

But you have a voice. Whatever you write should come from your voice.

#3 – Recycle Your Content

Every blog post and email doesn’t need to be a whiz-bang brand new concept you’ve never covered before.

You will cover some themes multiple times. You’ll establish your brand around specific subjects.

Write a blog post. Produce a video. Share it on a webinar. Talk about it during interviews. Expand it into a full training course.

Some of the themes you regularly hear from me revolve around improving your conversion with the Golden glove, creating systems to create freedom in your life, and developing long-term profits by positioning yourself as an authority in the marketplace.

Sure, I cover a lot of other subjects, but when it comes down to it most online marketing comes back to positioning, traffic, conversion, and systems.

If you’re serious about creating contrarian content that attracts qualified buyers into your funnels, check out Autoresponder Alchemy.

It gives you my step-by-step email marketing systems along with the exact templates you can model for profitable emails in any niche market.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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