How many contacts with a customer does it take to make a sale?

I’ve heard 6, 7, 8, 13, etc.

The exact number doesn’t matter.

What matters is consistent follow-up on your visitors, leads and customers.

If you’re running any type of paid advertising, that means you should also use retargeting.

And even if you’re not advertising and you’re generating visitors to your site any other way, you might want to consider putting a retargeting campaign in place.

For example, let’s say you have affiliates promoting your product.

Wouldn’t they be excited if you multiplied the number of sales generated by visitors they sent…earning more money for both you and them?

Retargeting is simply showing your ads to people who are already on your list, recently visited your website, or watched your videos on Facebook, Youtube, or others.

You can follow up on your visitors even if they never joined your list.

You can retarget everyone who visits your website, but you can get even better results by targeting specific segments of your audience.

1) Buyers

Both Facebook and Google, along with others, allow you to load your email lists for retargeting.

You could load your subscribers, but even more valuable would be targeting your BUYERS list.

Offer a higher ticket sale to those who have already purchased.

For example, if you do small group workshops or high-end coaching, what if you offered a free consultation with an online scheduling tool…and ran the retargeting ad just to your buyer’s list?

2) Shopping Cart Abandons

The average website has close to a 70% shopping cart abandonment rate.

What if you put the retargeting pixel on your shopping cart page…and your thank you page after the purchase?

Now you could run ads to everyone who hit the shopping cart and exclude those who got to the thank you page.

Run an ad campaign reminding them of what benefits they missed out on in the shopping cart.

You could even create a sequence of ads including an extra discount if they take action now.

3) Local Business Video Retargeting

One of the easiest ways to improve the conversion rate of a local brick-and-mortar business website is to put the owner on camera sharing the benefits of what they offer.

It makes that personal connection that is so often lacking online.

You can retarget all the visitors to the website and run a video ad to them on Facebook. Not only are they more likely to come back and purchase, but they may share your offer with their friends.

And while we’re on video marketing, retargeting allows you to build video ‘launch’ sequences where those who watch one video can then be shown the next video in a series.

Show a content rich video. Retarget those viewers with a video offer. Retarget those who watched the video offer with another type of ad.

It’s amazing what you can do with retargeting when you plan it out.

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