As mentioned in my last email, retargeting is one of the easiest ways to create a profitable ad campaign.

And it can be used as a multiplier for anything else you’re doing.

Running ad campaigns? Retarget your visitors to earn more for less.

Promoting to your email list? Combine your emails with retargeting to earn more from the list.

Affiliates promoting for you? Multiply your sales without any extra traffic.

You can get started with super-simple campaigns where you just target your subscribers, buyers, or shopping cart abandons.

But you can also create more advanced retargeting sequences for even greater profits.

For example, let’s say you want to retarget all the visitors to your blog.

You create 3 audiences from your visitors: Day 0 to 10, 11 to 20, and 21 to 30.

You start 3 retargeting campaigns.

You target the first campaign to people who’ve visited in the last 10 days. You run a content-rich video to them that also links over to your front-end product.

You run a testimonial/case study style video for viewers who visited in the last 20 days and you exclude those in the last 10 days (so only those on day 11 to 20 see the ad).

You run a discount product special on those who still haven’t ordered your front-end product from day 21 to 30 (exclude the day 20 and under audience along with all buyers).

You could create additional audiences if you wanted of those who watched 50% or more of one of the videos for further follow-up.

This is just one example of a retargeting sequence.

The most valuable discovery in my online business was the power of email marketing.

You could attract a list of subscribers and follow-up with them, delivering value along with personality, and turn that list into an incredible source of income.

It’s been the secret behind my success for over 2 decades.

It has created millions of dollars in profits for me…and who knows how much money for the thousands of students I’ve helped over the years.

Retargeting allows us to follow a similar system, even with people who don’t give you their email address.

You can provide value along with personality by creating a sequence that connects with your audience.

You’re not limited to just ‘one shot’ to make the sell.

You get multiple touchpoints…and can convert customers at each step in your funnel.

How much money have you been leaving on the table?

The November issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is “10x Retargeting Made Easy.”

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Plus, you’ll discover a unique secret to save up to 50% of your budget when running retargeting ads.

This issue comes out November 1st.

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