You only have a few seconds to grab your visitors’ attention.

It only takes one click for people to ‘back’ off your website…perhaps never to be seen again.

That’s why several clients asked me to help them create new headlines for their websites over the past few days. We came up with some likely winners…which we’ll know when they get the test results back.

Today I want to give you a few quick tips to help you create and choose winning headlines for your website.

#1 – Benefit + Curiosity

Telling people ‘What’s In It For Them’ is obvious.

How can you help them solve their problem?

But curiosity is often just as important…or even more important in competitive markets.

Your visitors have already heard all the claims. Everyone else has promised them many of the exact same benefits.

If your headline looks similar to the last 3 websites they visited, why waste time reading anything else?

The last thing you want someone to immediately say is, “I’ve heard that before.”

Mix in curiosity.

Highlight your story. Include specifics.

Tease them with some ‘secret’ they might not know.

The primary purpose of your headline is not to sell your product. It will take more than just a headline to do that. The purpose of the headline is simply to get people curious enough and interested enough to read or watch more of what you have to share.

Ask yourself if you hit both buttons with your headline: Benefit + Curiosity

#2 – Review Your Testimonials

One of my favorite techniques for spotting headlines quickly is scanning through testimonials.

I’ve often found the benefits people are looking for and the exact language they use in one of the testimonials.

And the beauty of finding a headline in a testimonial is you can immediately use the testimonial to back up the headline with proof.

#3 – Come Up With Bad Headlines First

Trying to write the ‘perfect’ headline is stressful.

And that stress shuts down your creativity…at least it does for me.

So start off by purposely writing headlines that are as bad as possible first.

When I’ve done this on my own or with a client, we quickly start laughing and joking around trying to create something that would drive customers away.

Here’s why this works. Not only will you eliminate the stress, but often those bad headlines can be flipped around into some really good headlines.

#4 – Write a bunch of headlines using ‘swipes.’

I keep several collections of winning headlines written by top copywriters.

I’ll scan through these looking for headline ideas that could be easily modeled for the product or service we’re offering.

Rarely do I use any of these swiped headlines exactly as they’re initially written.

First, you create a dozen or more headlines quickly using this method (it should only take a few minutes to scan and rewrite them).

Then you start mixing and matching to create even stronger headlines.

Your finished headline may not look anything like the one you originally modeled.

The biggest mistake I see people make is sitting there staring at a blank page…trying to come up with a winning headline.

What works best is to start writing.

Create headlines…even bad ones at first.

As you get a bunch of ideas out, you’ll start spotting a few good ones.

Then you can dig deeper into those… mix and match ideas until you have your new winner.

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