It seems people are always looking for the magical productivity secret that helps them get everything done.

Here’s the secret.

Quit trying to do everything.

Figure out what actually needs to be done…and focus on it.

Either eliminate or delegate the rest.

I’ve yet to meet any entrepreneur…whether a client or not…who doesn’t have more than enough ideas to grow their business.

It’s not about piling on everything they can think of.

Instead it’s about eliminating everything unnecessary.

Once we’ve narrowed it down to ideas that give the biggest bang for the buck…then we discuss how they can leverage those opportunities for maximum payback.

And now I’ll give you the discovery that has personally helped me get more done in less time.

Block out time.

It takes time for me to get into the flow of things.

For example, I tried following what some authors suggest…where you write 30 to 60 minutes every day.

It doesn’t work for me. I’ll waste 15 to 30 minutes just getting in the flow of writing.

What works better for me is to block out 3 to 4 hours for writing.

For example, I’ll block out all morning.

Do lunch.

And then plan other activities in the afternoon. Or block out time in the afternoon instead.

It still takes me 15 to 30 minutes to get into a good flow. But then I stay in that flow.

I can get up and take a break. And as long as I don’t change gears to a different activity, I can plug right back into what I was doing.

I even do this with emails.

Some people talk about writing an email for their list each day.

It’s much more effective for me to plan out multiple emails and knock them all out one after another.

I get more done in one 4-hour time block than I would from 2 weeks of scheduling an hour every day for the same activity.

I’ve tested this multiple times.

This applies to videos as well. Record one video and I’ll laugh, mess up, and make a bunch of mistakes. Record a bunch of videos in a row, and as soon as I find my flow it continues through all of them.

My calendar is often broken up into big time blocks like these. Clients will be scheduled on some days, and simple activities like answering emails, checking stats, brainstorming, and things like this happen during any breaks between clients.

Writing, creating products, and major planning are blocked off in my calendar.

Does it mean it will work exactly the same for you?

Of course not.

But I have heard this method was more effective for quite a few clients as well.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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