Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most successful online entrepreneurs in dozens of different markets.

And here’s what you’ll discover once you get close to them.

They didn’t achieve their success because of any advanced secret knowledge.

Yes, they know what they’re doing. They’re willing to pay for great support and advice. They’re continually learning. And they listen to the consultants and coaches they hire to help them.

But what really sets them apart is how good they are at executing the basics.

It’s not what you know that matters.

It’s what you implement.

And you can build a very profitable business focusing on the basics.

Get to know your audience by surveying them, speaking to them directly, and tracking what they respond to.

Communicate with your subscribers and customers frequently. Send out infotainment that builds a personal connection while branding you as the only obvious solution to their problems.

Create more offers. This includes entry level products, higher ticket products, and continuity programs.

Analyze every step in your funnels.

Test different target audiences for your advertising.

Test ad copy and opt-in offers to get people on your list.

Test different price points and payment options for your offers.

Add upsells after someone makes the first purchase.

Plan out what else you will sell on the backend. Release additional offers. Run specials with hard deadlines.

And track every step along the way.

I’ve looked at so many spreadsheets detailing visitors, cost per visitor, conversion rates, cost per sale, upsell rates, and overall profits…along with additional information…that spotting things that aren’t measuring up has almost become a second nature.

There have been many times a client sends me over one of their spreadsheets and something immediately pops out. You’re not earning as much from upsell #2 as you should be. We need to test a different offer there.

We keep testing, analyzing and improving.

But here’s where a lot of people get stuck. It’s NOT just about the front-end.

There have also been many times where I’ve told a client the frontend is ‘good enough’ for now. We need to focus more on the backend.

Testing never ends, since there is always room for improvement. But there are times where you need to change your focus to boost your overall return on investment.

Knowing where to put your focus is important. That’s one of the reasons clients hire someone like me.

For example, I had a client who is one of the most intelligent copywriters and infomarketers out there.

My very first piece of advice wasn’t ‘advanced secret knowledge.’

Nope. It was simply to plug-in a few upsells. Take some of the products he already had and add them as upsells on other products.

That would give a profit boost and could be implemented pretty quickly.

Definitely not secret knowledge.

Just implementing the easy profits hidden in plain sight.

What easy profits may be hiding in plain sight in your business?

I’m not currently taking any new one-on-one clients, but there will be new openings available as we get close to summer (late May/early June most likely).

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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