The average online entrepreneur makes decisions from a place of confusion.

They’re not sure what they’re doing.

They’re not sure where they’re going.

And they’re not even sure where they’ve been.

You work hard. You’re not just chasing after ‘quick money.’ You want to build something that takes care of them and their family…while giving value to their audience.

But you may be confused about the right actions to take…in which order.

You hear all the stories passed around in online marketing. So-and-so earned millions of dollars with X. You’re tempted to drop what you’re doing and chase after this exciting new thing.

But someone else’s numbers have little or nothing to do with the results you can generate in your business.

Your audience may be different than the ‘expert’ you heard about.

In addition, you have your own unique advantages. You have your own product or service. And you have your own funnel.

Even if there are a lot of similarities, there are still enough differences to confuse the results.

And here’s the biggest problem online entrepreneurs face.

We make too many of our decisions based off faulty perceptions.

Are you tracking EVERYTHING in your business?

I don’t know how many times clients have told me something in their business just isn’t working.

They’ll say a landing page isn’t generating enough leads.

Or their sales page isn’t converting well enough.

Or nobody is buying their upsell.

Clients who’ve been with me for a while know exactly what I’m going to ask after they say something like that.

“OK, you feel like your landing page isn’t converting. What are the exact numbers?”

I’ve heard these feelings so many times…and seen faulty perceptions so many times both in clients and in my own life…that I can’t recommend any solutions until we see the real numbers.

They think the landing page isn’t working.

Yet when we look up the stats, it’s actually converting quite well.

We dig further and find out leads are down because they turned off one of their major traffic sources.

Or in some cases, there wasn’t actually a problem at all. It just ‘felt’ like it.

Whatever else was going on in their life…or in their business…was blinding them from what was working or wasn’t working in another area of their business.

What do the numbers say?

I’m writing this for my own benefit as much as for you.

If I don’t look at my numbers, I get blinded by emotion…just like I’ve seen hundreds of clients do over the years.

You can waste a LOT of time and energy trying to fix something that’s not broken!

And it takes you away from focusing on how you could bring in even more money.

You can see what to focus on to bring in the money in the Monthly Mentor Club.

Each month you get access to detailed insights about what is working for other businesses just like yours for attracting high quality customers, selling more to them, and putting proven systems in place to run your business for you.

Plus, you can connect with me and other online entrepreneurs in the members-only discussion group and our monthly Q&A webinars.

Get your questions answered…and cut through the confusion so you can know exactly what to focus on right now in your online business.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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