It’s not flashy, sexy, or exciting.

It’s not the new flavor of the month that everyone’s talking about.

But email is the daily workhorse that brings in the money.

My clients use many different methods to communicate with their audiences including text, phone, direct mail, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, blogging, podcasts, and more.

It’s getting more and more difficult to even get our emails into our subscribers’ inboxes…not to mention get them opened.

Yet, email is still involved in at least 80% if not more of our overall sales.

There’s no way to absolutely guarantee your email gets through…but there are a few steps you can take to make it much more likely.

#1 – Be a personality.

Notice I didn’t tell you to be yourself.

You might be boring.

Be a more outrageous, more outgoing version of yourself.

Who would you be if you had no fear?

What if you were your market’s super hero…or super villain?

What could you say that would attract your Ideal Client…while repelling those you don’t want to do business with anyway?

Quit trying to make everyone happy. Some people aren’t going to like you. Enjoy it instead of worrying about it.

Quit trying to impress your peers. If you’re an accountant writing to make other accountants happy, you’ve already lost as you’re not even speaking to your buying audience.

Write for your Ideal Client only. Add a little fun to their day.

Have FUN when you’re writing emails. If you’re not having fun, no one else is either.

Be wild…even a little crazy. Make people look forward to opening your emails. What is he/she going to say this time?

#2 – Get people to REPLY to your emails.

Ask a question.

Tell people to hit the reply button.

Perhaps even test giving away a gift only to those who reply.

Do something to get people to respond.

Your email sure looks a lot more like a personal email if your subscribers are regularly replying back to you. It’s a conversation instead of just a monologue.

We’re primarily talking about deliverability and getting your emails opened at the moment, but it’s amazing what you can do by actually corresponding with people by email.

Many clients have reported dramatically increased sales once they found out people’s questions and had individual conversations with them.

#3 – Send shorter emails more frequently.

Subscribers quickly forget about you.

When someone first subscribes, remind them several times in the first few emails why they’re getting your emails.

And then continue to contact them consistently. The less often you send emails, the more likely you’re going to get spam complaints.

Email works well for quick, easy to understand concepts.

Ask people to click over to your website for detailed blog posts, audios, or video content.

Tell a story. Give an illustration. Provide a few tips.

Link to your website for more.

I just gave you 3 simple tips to help you get your emails opened more often.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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