affiliate programsMost beginning affiliate marketers make a BIG mistake when they first starting promoting.

They think it is all about generating traffic.   So they go in search of the lowest cost/time investment forms of traffic and sends loads of those visitors to the affiliate programs.

I’ve owned affiliate programs in several industries and I’ve seen this multiple times.  There are always some affiliates who send an avalanche of traffic to your site with almost zero conversions.

It’s not targeted correctly.  The visitors aren’t potential buyers. 

The affiliates who have the highest conversion (meaning often getting 3%, 5%, or sometimes even higher of visitors turned in sales), do something to PRESELL the visitors.

It could be an email to their list.  Other times it’s an endorsement on their blog.  And still others put up full review sites that add proof behind their recommendations. 

 They’re not just linking to the affiliate program.  They’re pre-selling it.  That’s the key. 

You have to help your visitors make the right decision for them.

It’s easy to shy away from selling.  I get the same tendency.  I don’t like dealing with aggressive sales people. 

In fact, the last time I bought a car, I told the sales person that usually going to a car dealership is about as much fun as a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!

It’s easy to transfer those feelings online and pull away from helping my customers reach the results they want.

Your goal in sales is to sort and sift to find the best prospects who will get results from what you’re offering.  Then you help them overcome their fear…about reaching those results.

Don’t think of it as sales at all.

Instead think of it as coaching and helping people reach peak performance in their life.

The easy road for your potential customers is to live with the status-quo – to do nothing.  Making a commitment to the right course of action is tough. 

They need your encouragement.  They need you to answer their questions.  And they need you to help them think about the most important elements of the offer.

  Most of all…they need you to help them overcome their fear.

They’re afraid the product/service doesn’t work.

If they obviously see the results for others, then they’re afraid it won’t work for them.

They’re afraid if something goes wrong, they won’t have anyone to contact and get it fixed.

They’re afraid you’re promoting it simply because of the money…without their best interests in mind.

When you’re promoting an affiliate offer, you need to coach them on these issues.

1. Show them proof the product works as advertised.

The best way I’ve seen to do this is to actually use the product yourself. Report your results.  In other words, become a living, breathing case study for the product you’re promoting. 

 2. Help them realize why it will work for them.

Talk about whatever struggles you personally went through to see results.  This is the missing key that often spells an immediate jump in response – if you can help them see WHY it can work for them in spite of any objections they personally have.  You’ll also find often you end up attracting people with very similar problems and background.   

3. Show them how to get support if they need it.

If you had any problems, let them know about it.  Tell them how the situation was resolved.  Problems with ANY purchase are always possible.  What they want are reassurances they won’t be left sitting there holding the bag.

4. Let them know why you chose this option over other possibilities.

As an affiliate there are a LOT of products you could be promoting.  Why did you choose this one (hopefully it wasn’t because it just had the highest commissions)?  How does it differ from other possible options (in other words, what is it’s unique promise)?

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