I often get asked what my favorite tools are for sending emails, building websites, managing memberships, and taking orders.

There are dozens of options in each of these categories, and new ones are created every day.

One of my most important requirements is reliability.

Second is ease of use.

I’ve used all 4 of the tools below for years now.

The links included are affiliate links, which means I get paid a commission if you purchase through them.

Because I like money. I’m sure you do too. If you have a problem with earning money online, are you sure you’re on the right list?

I personally use these tools. They’re the ones I like. And I’d still be using them whether they had an affiliate program or not.

#1 – Optimizepress to Create Websites and Landing Pages

There are numerous tools to create landing pages quickly, but my choice is Optimizepress.

It installs over WordPress and comes with a large selection of templates for pretty much any type of landing page you want to create.

They have a full series of training videos that show you how to use the most common features, and I’ve found you can create virtually anything you’d want with their system.

And it is a one-time purchase instead of a monthly fee like most similar options…


#2 – Aweber for Email Lists

I’ve used their service for over a decade.

There are newer and flashier services, but Aweber passes the reliability and deliverability test.

They’re easy to use and their customer support is excellent.


#3 – Amember for Membership Sites

Currently I’m using both Amember and Wishlist member on different sites.

Wishlist is a little easier to use, but it also has an issue with automatically assigning usernames/passwords to buyers at times. That can be annoying both for customers and customer support who has to follow-up and make sure a new buyer has access.

Amember has never had that issue for me. And it does come with free installation when you purchase it to overcome the slightly increased difficulty.


#4 – Netofficetoolbox for a Shopping Cart

If you just starting out and you need the easiest way to take orders for your first product, you could use something as simple as Paypal.

Nothing wrong with that at all. I do a lot of transactions on Paypal.

If you want the ability to do one-click upsells, customer follow-up sequences, an affiliate program, and more…then you can move into an additional shopping cart.

There are a lot of good options available. I’ve personally used www.Netofficetoolbox.com again for over a decade and have quite a few clients who are also happy with them.

It’s a combination of both simplicity to use and capabilities you need.

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