Have you heard newbies talk about earning $1 per subscriber per month?

That’s old school.

I first shared that number back in 1996 to 2000.

It’s what I was earning as a beginner online.

It showed up when I had a little over 6,000 subscribers on my list.    I earned close to $6,000 that month.

I focused on my list and watched that income grow right along with the list each month.

This is the stat I quoted at internet marketing conferences over a decade ago.

Everyone took it and ran with it.  They’re still quoting it today.

Times have changed.

If you’re only earning $1 per subscriber per month today…you’re doing something incredibly wrong.


One of my clients recently reported doing over $48 per subscriber in just his first 90 days.

No, that’s not normal.  And it’s no promise you’ll get results anything like this.

But it gets you to thinking.

What is he doing differently from you?

I can’t reveal the niche he’s in, because he’s a private client.

But here are a few things he is doing that you’re probably not…

1.    He positions himself as the authority.

Quit sending namby-pamby milktoast emails.

Claim your authority.  If you don’t respect your message, no one else will either.

Be an authority.  Show confidence. Quit backpedaling on all your claims.

2.    He sends multiple emails per week…especially the first 3 months.

Sending one email a week is so 1999.  With all the emails and content available online today, your prospects FORGET about you in a week.

Think about your email list as a relevant daily blog.

If not daily, then at least 2 to 3 times a week.

As an authority, surely you have more to say than what’s available weekly.

3.    He tells his background story and where he came from. 

What’s your origin story?

Why did you enter the business you’re in?  What was the turning point in your life that made you say, “I’m NOT going to take it anymore?”

How was your product or service developed?

Prospects remember your story even after they forget your message.

4.    He talks about his daily life and his family. 

Being “all business” is a negative in email.

This is a personal medium.  Go beyond just being another voice spewing information online.

Let people in.  Tell them how you really feel.

My best emails have always been when I’m emotional about a subject: excited, angry, happy, etc.

5.    He asks them to buy…again and again. 

This is even easier than it sounds.

If you’re doing your emails correctly, asking for the sale is as simple as pasting a link into your email.

Tell your story.  Give a few useful but incomplete tips.  Give readers your link.

No hard-sale required.

That’s what I Iove so much about email.

Every single email you send out pulls in new orders.

And you can do it without being a salesperson.

You’re simply sharing.  But as stated before, you’ve got to do it right.

That’s where the “Autoresponder Alchemy” comes in.


Terry Dean
Terry Dean

Terry Dean has been in full-time internet business since 1996 and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get started online through his articles and products. He lives in Ocala, Florida with his wife and 2 dogs. Find out more about how his step-by-step courses can help you today.

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