copywriting mythsBelow are 5 common copywriting myths still being shared online.  

And remember, when we talk about copywriting, we’re not just talking about long copy websites or sales letters.

We’re simply talking about the words you use to share your message and persuade others to do business with your website. 

Myth #1: Great copy can sell ice to an eskimo.

I’m sure you’ve seen the copywriters who claim to be the greatest copywriter ever…they’ve never had a failed project and everything they touch instantly turns to gold.

What they never want to admit is your audience and your offer are BOTH more important than your copy.

If you’re not selling what your audience is buying, the greatest magical words won’t bring you riches.

And if your offer sucks, they’ll simply buy from someone else. 

The purpose of good, hype free, copy is to help people make a buying decision.  They already have a desire for what you’re offering, and you simply want to redirect that desire toward your product.

Myth #2: Copywriting is dead. 

Others follow a completely opposite approach.  They claim copywriting is dead. 

Since video sales letters are often beating text only, they claim you don’t need copy anymore.

But a video won’t do squat for you if it doesn’t have a well written script.  Just getting on camera and rambling isn’t going to make sales.  It’s just a quicker way to fail.

Or the other concept is that since social media is taking over, marketing itself doesn’t matter anymore since people share about the best products.

But having a clear MESSAGE that’s easy to share is vital for social media.  Copy isn’t dead.  It’s just changing forms in how it is used today.

Myth #3: I just need to learn the right magic words to succeed.

There are dozens of places you can download a list of “magic words” that people respond to – words like Free, new, amazing, secrets, etc.

But if you don’t know your audience, what emotions are driving them, and what they really want to purchase, you’ll simply misuse those words. 

Take two painters.  Give them both the same tools and collection of painting supplies.  One creates a masterpiece.  The other creates a mess. 

Online, the tools we use are words.  One writer will create a masterpiece.  Another creates a mess.  They both could have the same vocabulary.  It’s how they put those words together.

In copy though, it’s much more important what the customers are already saying.  Instead of using your words.  Use theirs. 

It’s both eaiser and much more profitable.

Myth #4: Some people are just natural copywriters. 

I’ve never met anyone who didn’t have to practice and work at it.  Just like everything else, there are some people who have a greater talent here and excel more easily, but that should NEVER be used as an excuse.

If you’re serious about running your own business online, you will have to develop in this skill.

Your words draw attention.  Until you have someone’s attention, no money is made.  If your words are attracting others to you, then you’re dead in the water.

And yes, you can hire it out the main copywriting to others, but you need to be able to spot what works.  And you need to develop your skills as well since everything we do is based on this in one way or another.

Myth #5: Copywriting is hard work.

Copywriting definitely takes time, but now it’s one of the most fun activities in my business.

Hard work was way back in 1995 when I delivered newspapers in the wee morning hours during a blizzard.  Nothing online ever comes close to that hard of work!

A blank page is painful.  That’s why you should NEVER start with one.

Instead find and repeat back your customer’s OWN words.  In every market, there are phrases and words that resonate with the buyers.  And they will freely share these words with you if you know where to look.

It still takes time, but this removes the pain from the process…at least it does for me!

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