does advertising really workIt’s a common question I receive.

Someone tried advertising their website for the first time, and they lost a majority of their money. 

Their first thought is, “Does advertising really work?”

If they’ve had multiple failures, then they may be in an even worse state…

“Does any advertising work anymore?”

 It does.  In fact, I’ve had clients who have been successful with the majority of online advertising including (but not limited to): Adwords, Bing, 3rd Tier PPC, PPV, display networks, banner networks, remarketing, direct banner buys, Youtube ads, Facebook, solo emails, journals, magazines, direct mail, etc.

All the above CAN work.

But the fact is…it’s much easier to fail than to succeed with it. 

Let’s take that one further.

More ads fail than succeed when you’re starting out.

In fact, if you talk about overall number of ads, that stays consistent even when you’re experienced.

Run 3 ads…and it’s likely 2 of them fail to be profitable. 

But if 1 works, then you keep running it…and test 3 new ads.  Then do it again.  That’s how you build a network of ads that continually produce for you.

You’ve probably heard the quote, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

The Internet has changed all that.  Sure, half your money spent on advertising is still wasted.  But because of tracking, you know exactly which half!

Go to any internet marketing forum and you’ll always find a group of people saying any form of advertising doesn’t work. 

Adwords doesn’t work. Facebook doesn’t work. Banners don’t work. Email advertising doesn’t work.

Advertising doesn’t work.

It simply exposes your website to an audience. 

It’s your conversion process that either works or doesn’t work.

And it can be a humbling moment when the cold harsh reality hits you…and you admit it’s not working.  You might have sunk hours of time, your best ideas, and even gotten feedback from others.

What’s wrong with these people?  Why aren’t they responding to your best stuff?

I’ve been there.  You can blame them or you can take another look at your offer and your website.

Your website simply isn’t doing it’s job of converting these visitors into subscribers and sales.

You can test another form of traffic or a more targeted group of visitors.  Perhaps the audience coming in wasn’t correct.  But after you’ve done your tests, and it’s still not working, you’ve got to rethink the approach you’re using.

Because the fact is… 

NO advertising works until the sales process is optimized.

Or said another way…

Conversion solves traffic problems. 

 If your site doesn’t convert, then no form of traffic will work.

But if your site can convert visitors into income better than the competition, any high quality, targeted source of traffic will work (note I said high quality – because junk traffic won’t convert for much of anything).

In fact, if your competitors earn $1 per visitor and you earn $3 per visitor, it’s in their best interest to to joint venture with you for $1.50. 

They could give up all the customer support and work of running their process and instead earn 50% of the money or $1.50 for sending their traffic to you.

But if your site only earn 75 cents per visitor and every high quality source of traffic costs $1.50 in your market, you’re going to have trouble no matter what advertising you use.

So it comes down to whether you can convert your visitors into leads and sales better than the competition….both today and over the lifetime value of your customer.

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