Coach Yourself to Success OnlineEvery top athlete has a coach.  They help them train and consistently produce their best results.

Top CEOs have coaches as well. 

Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, has even said that his best advice for new CEOs is to have a coach.  He says, “Every famous athlete, and every famous performer, has someone who is a coach.” 

A coach can you help you see your actions from another perspective.  They can help you get clear on what you want to accomplish.

They can help you shortcut the time to reach your goals!

But what about when you’re just starting out, can’t find the right coach for you, or you feel you don’t have the budget for a quality coach yet?

Is there any way you can get some of the benefits out of coaching for yourself?

Yes, there is.  You won’t get the outside viewpoint and clear direction they can help provide you with, but you apply a few of their coaching principles to your life and business.

Self-Coaching Method #1 – Focus on a proven system.

DECIDE what you want to accomplish…and then go after it.

Don’t sit there and just listen to one email after another telling about all the strategies that are dead.  Don’t jump on the hype bandwagon.  And don’t buy everything out there just because it’s promoted on a dozen mailing lists.

Instead decide what you want and purchase few training products that teach how to accomplish that.

Then put them into action.

My most successful clients are also the ones who implement faster than virtually anyone else.  They’ll always working on a new product.  They always have new ads being tested.  And they concentrate on just a few forms of traffic they’ve become experts at.

They don’t jump from opportunity to opportunity.  And they don’t give up when the going gets tough.

Choose a direction for your business, and then follow that path for the next 3 to 6 months.  Don’t buy everything new that comes out.  Instead concentrate exclusively on your goals and the path you’ve chosen to reach them. 

Stay FOCUSED on your path instead of being distracted by everyone elses. 

Self-Coaching Method #2 – Apply the 80/20 constantly to everything.

Access where you’re at and what’s already working in your business. 

When a client already has a website, I’ll always ask them what’s currently working? 

Then we’ll move into anything that has worked in the past…that they may have quit doing. 

What’s not working for you now?

The 80/20 rule applies to EVERYTHING in your business.

20% of your activities are producing 80% of the results.

80% of your time is only producing 20% of the results.

How can we change your how your time is being invested to focus on the important?

20% of your advertising is producing 80% of the sales.

How can we cut the fat here to focus on what’s working?

80% of the enjoyment from your business comes from 20% of the activities.

How can we get more fun into your business?

Regularly accessing the 80/20 of everything in your business will reveal mistakes you’re making and changes you can implement.

Self-Coaching Method #3 – Hold yourself accountable publicly. 

A coach can hold you accountable.  They’ll ask you to set deadlines and they’ll check on your progress.

Of course you can set your own deadlines, BUT without the outside influence it’s tough to hold to them.

I don’t know about you, but back when I was in school all the studying took place the night before the test.  Somehow that’s when the assignments magically got done as well – right before they were due.

It holds true today.  Clients often tell me they accomplish the goals we set right before the next time we contact each other.

They’re held accountable to take action.

Set your own deadlines.  And then make them public.

Let your blog know what you have coming up and when.

Set a specific deadline date for your product launch.

Tell someone close to you what type of advertising you’re going to be using and when. 

Find a business building buddy and hold each other accountable.

If You’re Looking for An Internet Coach and Mentor…

Currently I’m booked with clients through the end of the year, but when spots open up I let my mentoring list know about it. 

Click here to find out more about my coaching and get on the notification list when there are openings…

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