Unplug Your LifeWhen is the last time you unplugged from the Internet and your business?

I mean really unplugged…took a vacation…and said bye-bye to social media and everything else you were doing online for a period of time.

It’s funny.  Many gurus talk constantly about the Internet Lifestyle and how much freedom they have, but they’re constantly plugged in.

They’re in social media.  They’re responding to emails.  And they feel like if they take a step back, everything will collapse.

That’s not freedom.  That’s being tied to a job.  It may be a high paying one, but it’s still a job.

A business works without you. 

Unplugging, even for a short period, can give you a sense of freedom you won’t feel as long as you’re constantly “crushing it.”

Try this.

Turn off your smart phone.  Don’t worry.  It will still work when you turn it back on in 30 minutes.  Now go for a walk.  Preferably go for a walk in a park or somewhere you’re surrounded by nature. 

Do this for 30 minutes at the beginning of the day OR whenever you feel stressed.  Just this short period will refresh you.  You will feel it.  You might even experience a solution to one of the problems you’ve been stressing over. 

Now let’s multiply that out over several days.  What if you unplugged the entire weekend?  Or what if you unplugged for the whole next week?

What would that do for your brain?

I’m writing this as we’re about to go into the busy holiday season.  It’s the perfect time to take a few days and unplug from the internet (before, during, or after Christmas depending on your business and your family activities). 

Think about this. 

Parkinson’s Law says work expands to fill the time available for its completion.

This was first written by Cyril Northcote Parkinson, British Historian and author of Parkinson’s Law: The Pursuit of Progress.

If you give yourself a week to complete a one hour task, then you will make it more complex until it takes that week. 

If an activity normally takes you an hour to complete, give yourself 30 minutes to complete it instead.

How do you streamline the process to get it done in half the time?

If you have a week to get a project done, what if you give yourself a day instead? 

The time pressure will force you to focus on the bare essentials of getting it done.

This doesn’t mean that a 20 hour project can be completed in the next 20 minutes.  But it does usually mean there are shortcuts and ways to turn that 20 hour project into a 10 hour one by shortening the deadline.

The best way to observe this law in effect is right before a weekend or a holiday.  Have you ever noticed how much you can accomplish right before your holiday?  You get three days worth of work done in one!

What happens when you apply the 80/20 rule from Coach Yourself to Success Online?

Which 20% of the activity creates 80% of the results?

Combine that with Parkinson’s Law and you can cut the time investment by 50% to 80%.    

It’s easy to stay plugged in all the time now with social media, smart phones, blogs, ipads, etc.

But is it healthy?

And just as important…is it productive?

Challenge yourself. 

Give yourself tighter deadlines. 

Apply the 80/20 rule to focus on the vital. 

And then unplug in between to free your mind. 

Those are a few of the steps you take on the way to your Internet Lifestyle and creating a real internet business that works without you.

Eliminate the unnecessary and automate the steps before you outsource.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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