My last email shared the importance of finding a hungry buying market and making an irresistible offer.

But how do you know you have a winning offer?

Sometimes it’s obvious once you’ve done your research.

You’ve discovered the desperate problem or the burning desire that drives them.

You know what they’re already buying.

And you can see a clear gap in the market which you’re perfectly suited to fill.

But what about when it’s not quite so obvious?

You have several ideas, but you’re not sure which one you should pursue.

Here are 5 questions that can help you spot a winning offer before you invest time in it…

1: Could you boil your primary hook down to one attention grabbing sentence?

A great offer is simple to understand.

It’s easy to communicate.

If you can’t grab someone’s interest within 5 seconds, then you haven’t found the right angle yet.

2: Does your hook create burning curiosity in your target audience?

Their immediate response to your ‘one sentence intro’ should be, “How will they do that?”

Curiosity can be just as important as the benefits you offer.

How does your offer stand out from what everyone else is saying?

3: Can you tie your hook into a strong, emotional story?

What story are you telling?

This could be your origin story or it could be a case study from a client.

It could even be a scientific discovery that led to this offer.

4: Can you demonstrate your benefits by painting a word-picture for your audience?

This could mean ‘future-pacing’ where you paint what the future looks like for your customer after they’re experiencing the benefits of your offer.

Or it could simply mean using metaphors to quickly illustrate how your product works for them.

Either way, you’re making it easy to for your customer to see what the benefits look like in their daily life.

5: Can you integrate specifics, testimonials, or case studies to back up your hook?

Your audience doesn’t believe you…until you prove it!

How can you prove you’re a credible person to do business with and your offer delivers on the promises you’re making?

Look at each of your ideas…and ask these 5 questions about it.

Which hook fits the desires of your hungry, buying audience and scores well on all 5 of these questions?

If you’d like to know more about how I help my clients come up with winning offers, check out the Internet Lifestyle System.

One of the videos in the course comes with a cheat sheet called the “Blockbuster Product Formula.”

You’ll not only discover how to come up with blockbuster ideas, but you’ll also discover more detail on how to score your ideas.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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