I make mistakes.

I’ll bet you do too.

That’s why I focus so much on finding a hungry buying audience and making them an irresistible offer.

Get those two things right, and you have a LOT of room for errors in your marketing.

For example, I think back to a product I sold early on in my online career.

It was called the Paperless Newsletter, and I had purchased a license to sell it.

I combined that offer with an eBook I wrote in a weekend called “Digital Newsletter Publishing.”

That offer consistently brought in thousands of dollars per month…for years…without a lot of promotion.

And it only took a few days total to put it together.

The sales copy was OK. It wasn’t great.

I had a world-class copywriter look at the page a year or so later, and he suggested a new headline. Sales immediately multiplied, because the original headline wasn’t that great.

I never paid any attention to improving the conversion of the order form.

I didn’t promote it as often as I should of.

I didn’t put any bumps or upsells in place. I didn’t plugin an automatic backend email sequence.

That’s one mistake after another.

But still… with all those mistakes, it was a consistent profit center for years.

That demonstrates the power of finding a hungry buying audience.

You have an automatic winner when you put an irresistible offer in front of that audience.

This is true even if you do virtually everything else wrong.

Invest time in finding the right audience.

Listen to what they want.

Create an offer they already want to buy.

That’s a whole lot easier than trying to convince someone to buy something they don’t want.

Notice I didn’t say anything about needs.

It’s about meeting them at the burning desires they already have.

I recommend everyone learn at least basic persuasion and copywriting skills, even if you plan to hire a copywriter to write for you.

But choosing the right audience and creating an offer that fits their burning desire is more important than your copywriting skills.

Invest the majority of your attention here.

It can cover for other mistakes you might make along the way.

One of the bonuses I provide with my Internet Lifestyle System is the “Addicted Buying Audience Marketplace” score sheet.

It helps you score the ‘Addiction Factor’ of a market.

Is this an enthusiast market where people are not only desperately looking for something to buy, but they’re so passionate about the topic that they’re willing to keep buying for years into the future?

Combine that with the step-by-step techniques I give you for coming up with bestselling offers…and putting together systems for attracting clients…and you have what you need to come up with your own winners.

Find out more about the Internet Lifestyle System here…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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