Simplicity marketing
Keep It Simple.


That’s what internet marketing is all about. It’s not about being seduced by the technology or learning everything that has to do with the Internet.

What is it about humans that makes us always choose the most complicated, most difficult route?

Just because it’s worthwhile doesn’t mean it has to be complicated.

In fact I find that a GOOD teacher is able to make the complicated simple. It’s the reverse often for poor teachers and those just trying to sell you something. They make the simple complicated…so they can look like more of an expert.

When it comes to marketing online, it’s really only about 5 principles.

1. Find a desperate market which spends money.

People are always buying something. If they’re NOT buying what you’re selling, it’s because you’re not selling what they’re buying.

I’ve seen people get into pity parties where they complain that people in their market just aren’t buying anymore because of the recession, because of free stuff, or whatever else.

The truth is that people are buying online…in greater numbers than ever before.

You simply need to figure out what they’re already buying using tools like the Amazon best seller list, Clickbank marketplace, Paypal Shops, etc. What is ALREAY selling in the market? Create a better solution.

2. Find or a create a product that fills a gap they want filled.

The majority of people at least start out as an affiliate. They find hot products and sell those. This allows you to get started without the hassles of creating your own product and sales copy.

My suggestion – pick several good products that sell to the same audience. Rotate these and test them to find the one which produces best for your source of traffic (see point #4 below).

Find a strong offer to sell upfront. Then expand out and offer other related products and services through your emails and your backend.

Once you’ve started establishing an audience in the market, create your OWN product or offer by looking at what is missing. Look for the gap…the weakness…the want which isn’t being fulfilled for your audience.

3. Create a website designed to make sales.

Putting up a website today is as easy as installing WordPress and using one of the thousands of available themes.

OR hire a minisite designer for around $100 to get a site up and running for you.

It’s not about having the fanciest graphics although good quality graphics do improve your conversion.

It’s about targeting your market very clearly. Those who know their market the best win. Speak conversationally and directly to your target audience. Let them know you understand their problems and desires. Then offer them something that fits exactly what they wanted…personalized just for them.

The most important element in good conversion is the audience.

The second most important element is the offer.

Finally you have the writing style, video, or other conversion method.

Get the first two right and you’ll find it so much easier to get the last one correct.

4. Master one way to generate good quality buyers to the site.

Social media, PPC, seo, ad networks, affiliates, article writing, blogging, etc. There are SO MANY methods to generate traffic, it’s easy to get confused.

Most beginners want to use all these methods, but that’s simply not possible. You’ll drive yourself INSANE trying to learn and do everything.

Instead, focus on the best method for you. Become a master of it.

For example, some people master PPC. Others concentrate on seo. Still others rely heavily on their affiliates – sometimes getting as many as 90% of their visitors from affiliates.

The key here is that it fits with what YOU want to do…and where your BUYERS are. Notice I’m saying little about traffic – and concentrating on buyers. Because all traffic is NOT created equal.

Become a master at your source of traffic. If you want to generate traffic in other ways (which you eventually should for safety to your business), expand out by hiring other people to do different methods.

5. Set-up systems to streamline your business.

Even if, for some strange reason, you decided to do everything in your business yourself, you still need to put together systems.

It’s a lack of systems that causes people to randomly surf the web or waste all day on social media without generating any new subscribers or buyers.

Have a system for writing your articles.

Have a system for sending emails.

Have a system for any traffic generation methods you use every day.


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