David Perdew recently shared with me the 6 steps he uses to execute big ideas successfully.

He has used these steps to consult with corporations for over 20 years.  And he used these same 6 steps to come up with the wildly popular Niche Affiliate Marketing Systems workshop which I’ll be attending in August. 

This is the 6th NAMS conference.  In the video below David not only shares the 6 steps to apply to everyone one of your “Dreams” to turn them into reality, but he also shares how the dream for NAMS has improved every time using the system.

As part of this interview, David has agreed to share with you the mindmap he shows on the video along with a 6 part ecourse on how to apply it which you can register for here…

If you’re interested in discovering more about NAMS and getting all the bonuses he’s added in (including full access to all 25 hours of video instruction from NAMS 5), click here…

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Make sure to enter this special code:  “100special” for $100 off.

It’s a workshop unlike any other custom designed to help you wherever you’re at currently (basic, intermediate, or advanced). 

I hope to see you there!

Let’s get right into the video.  I love the first quote David shares and I recommend you take notes on the 6 steps to success with your big ideas.  They work no matter what your “Dream” is…

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