internet business ideasI get mine while going for a walk…at the mall…in the shower…and playing games.

But of course not all those at the same time!

I could keep adding to the list.  About the only place I don’t come up with good ideas for online business is in front of the computer.

That’s right.  The worst idea generation place for me is sitting in front of the computer doing the work.

I pretty much have 3 phases I go through:

  1. Actively doing the work of the business
  2. Planning changes and improvements for the business (working on the business).
  3. Generating ideas for the business.

And I do my best to keep those completely separate for best results.

And here’s the issue with being a coach.   It seems like you always have your client’s businesses on your mind, at least in the back of your mind.  So I often generate ideas for their business while I’m away from the computer as well.

Why is this important?

Because I’m noticing a scary trend where people NEVER unplug anymore.  They’re always working…sometimes seventy/eighty hour weeks.

They’re listening to audios when they’re driving.  They’re checking email with their iPhone at the dinner table.

It’s easy to constantly be connected to the internet (why people feel the need to publish what they’re eating on Facebook I’ll never figure out). 

In business, this means you’re always working. 

You’re “on” all the time.

Eventually it wears you out…and leaves you disconnected from your best business ideas.

How do you personally unplug?

Going out to eat with your family or friends?

Watching a movie?


Hanging out by the pool?

I always have a small notebook available (and often my iPad for making notes as well). 

One of my clients recently mentioned he simply records an audio note to himself. 

Another said he emails himself the note from his iPhone. 

All of these options work.  The key is having a way you track the ideas that come and go. 

Definitely pay attention to businesses you buy from regularly.

How do they treat you as a customer?

Are they doing anything in their business that would apply to yours?

How do they upsell you to other offers?

What happens in your daily life that can become a story or a topic for a future blog post? 

Keep your eyes open…and the ideas are limitless. 

They surround you. 

In fact, I sometimes get so many ideas for my business that I have to shut off by reading a fiction book before bed for 15 to 30 minutes (my favorites are sci fi/fantasy – yes I like Hobbits).

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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