internet marketing guideWhat if a professional athlete tried to learn their sport the same way most internet marketers try to learn this business?

Let’s take a quarterback.  He buys all the quarterbacking books available.  Then he studies them intensively.

Has this scenario even ever happened in the history of the universe?

So he has his “Football for Dummies” notes…but he’s not ready yet because this is a big decision.  You know you could potentially get hurt on the field if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So he avoids the field until he knows exactly how to respond to every possibility…

How well do you think this is going to play out?

It’s not going to be pretty.

What do athletes do instead?  They practice.  They play the sport.  They get coaching from others to improve their game.  But they’re DOING it every day. 

Most internet marketing events involve you showing up and spending 3 days listening to others tell you their stories.

Sports camps involve showing up and PRACTICING the skills.  You get direct advice and suggestions.  Then you do it. 

You do see a few workshops like these in internet marketing, but they’re pretty rare. 

The internet marketer generally buys books, listens to audios, watches videos, and sits passively in an audience.

An athlete plays the sport.

They take specific direction from a coach.

They participate in active workshops.

Which path are you following?

And which one do you think will lead to greater chances of success?

So what can you do differently today?

Step one is get in the game.  Get moving.  Test approaches in your own market.

One of the biggest issues I see with beginners is that they often keep waiting for confirmation.  They want to make sure they get everything correct before moving forward.

They don’t want to practice their game until they know they have every step exactly right. 

What I’ve learned from 15+ years of experience is you NEVER get everything perfect.

And what’s a perfect fit for someone else may not even fit you at all.

Again, watch the athletes here.  You’ll see they may have a slightly different throwing motion.  They run different plays. 

Sports would be BORING if every team ran the same plays and performed equally at the job.

Yes, you can check out other’s playbooks, but you have to get out and practice the game for yourself.

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