While the majority of online marketers still chase “traffic numbers,” you’ll find the ones who are quietly cashing in on today’s new web are the ones who focus in on another stat.

They focus on conversion of visitors into sales.  They also focus on turning those sales into long-term customers with lifetime customer value.

When you do that, traffic becomes easy.

Paid advertising becomes easy when you can outbid your competition for the best buyer phrases because of higher customer value.

Free marketing such as seo and social media becomes easy because you can pay great writers to produce content and outsourcers to generate links.

Affiliates will line up at your door to send you traffic, because you can pay them higher commission than the competition for the same visitors.

It’s all about producing the highest lifetime value per visitor.

That’s a stat I haven’t seen anyone talk about yet.  I’ve seen people talk about lifetime value of a client and your income per visitor, but when it comes down to the numbers…it’s about how much you’re earning lifetime from each new visitor.

Take a look at some of the CPA networks some time if you haven’t already.  Companies pay MORE than 100% of the first sale as affiliate commission…or they pay you just for a lead or a trial.

How can they do this?

They know their numbers.  They know how many trials will turn into sales…and how much they will earn for each customer who comes through.

Adapt to the changes or get run over by them because this is going to continue.  Those who understand it will prosper.  Those who don’t will disappear over time.

Here are 6 methods to increase your lifetime value per visitor.

1. Irresistible Offer

It’s about the offer.  Make the offer as enticing as possible.  This isn’t always about price.  It’s about giving people the most value for their money (which could be better quality, more options, more specialization).

Is your offer unique and BETTER than the competition?

2. Add in Upsells That RELATE to the Initial Offer

These should build on your unique promise and follow the model of making an additional irresistible offer.   They also increase your immediate income per visitor, especially if you’re closing a good percentage of the initial buyers into them.

And they don’t have to be annoying.  Buy from Amazon some time and watch how they do upsells all through the process.  Unless you’re watching for them, they’re so subtle you might not even notice them all.

3. Overdeliver

Underpromise and overdeliver.  Give an additional bonus after the sale or have a surprise gift prepared for your buyers.   Do something a little extra to give a Wow factor to your customers.  This sets you up for the next element.

4.  Backend Offers

What else do you offer for these customers?  When you overdeliver on their initial puchase and give them more than they expect, they’ll be open to your next offer.  They ready and willing to take action on it because the first purchase was such a good experience.

5. Make use of Multimedia

Some of your buyers like to read.  Others like to watch video.  Still others like to listen only.

If you setup your sales page to provide both written pieces PLUS videos (which they can watch or just listen to) you’ll reach a larger portion of the buyers in MOST markets.  And it’s these types of sites I’m seeing the best responses from in the majority of recent tests.

6. Simple But Professional Looking Site Designs

Site design does matter.  It needs to be easy to read, professional looking, and push the most important information above the fold (where it’s easy to see when you first land on the page).

The good news is the designs doing best are simple and its pretty easy to get nice designs today with all the tools available to us (WordPress and all the add-ons for it is just one example).


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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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